What Is Life Without Rain?

Happy Monday, Get Rockin

In case you skipped my post #75, it’s time to backtrack. I’ve been listening to the song in it (Polyphia – GOAT) just about non stop. I’m hooked.

So it’s another Monday morning, first one in June. It’s not raining today. It’s barely supposed to rain tomorrow. Thunderstorms forecasted for the weekend. By comparison to the past weeks that forecast basically reads “Bright and sunny all week!” I don’t even know how to handle that lack of rain. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about doing anything in the yard. It will still be underwater for at least another week or 4. We aren’t exactly a quick draining community with normal rain. 

At least I have the choice between swimming in the pool or the yard.

It’s been literally days since I’ve posted and I know you’re dying to know what’s been going on. We attended a pig roast in a monsoon which was a unique combo. Still had a great time. Mostly what’s been happening is cleaning up the house which is not super exciting to talk about and it tends to stress me out more than cleaning should stress anybody. I get in that “why don’t we throw everything away and move into a cardboard box” mode. Practical, right? If anybody has any good fridge boxes let me know.

The Boy of course decided to help cleaning up by showing up in the basement and beating the living crap out of the drum set. In the midst of all the noise making he did something pretty cool

That’s enough words in a row for Monday. Time to go to work!


1 thought on “What Is Life Without Rain?

  1. I live in a constant state of let’s throw it all out and live in a box! Join the club 😂-Sarah


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