Yak Atak

We’re back again. Let’s get straight into it, music and post, GO!

First a recap from last time.

You may recall I was attempting to sell a Bowflex extreme home gym and was having limited luck from the people of Facebook. The one person I was mostly ignoring because I thought he was a scammer turned out not to be a scammer. He agreed to meet me at the Sheriff’s office and showed up with a wad of cash. Transaction complete!

Few days later and a screamin deal for a Kayak pops up on Facebook. I messaged the dude saying ‘full price, cash, pickup now!’. A few hours (oh and some dirt road trekking thanks JEEP GPS) later I made it home with a new used kayak!

Took it out for a little early morning Sunday float. It was quite relaxing. I need to figure out how to paddle without smacking my hand on the side repeatedly or filling the boat with water, but I’m happy with this purchase! Especially considering I can sell it for more than I paid when I get bored with it in a week.

What else happened this weekend..

Let’s see, there was rain.

Some front porch sittin / neighbor watchin

We had some friends over and burnt some hot dogs (and said hi to goats).

And we had some ice cream and playground hang out time. (Also the boy crapped his diaper and we had no wipes so had to bring him home corn fritter diaper in tow, i know you wanted to know that)

Happy weekend.. now back to work.


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