Your Monday Post, Now on Tuesday!

Here we go, it’s that day again. The day that’s after the day that I normally publish a Monday post.

I’ve managed to not post for a whole week, my bad. The boy isn’t exactly helping the case. He has decided to wake up in a terrible mood every day for quite a while now. He’s sitting on my lap right now watching me type about him. I’m not sure if he’s offended.

Let’s get it going..

I can’t say it’s been an uneventful week, I just haven’t gotten around to writing anything and haven’t taken enough photos to make a decent post. No awards being won for this one.

The family Jed attended my cousin’s wedding. It was way hot but that didn’t stop anybody from having a great time. There was a big ol’ hill for kids to run down and parents to drunkenly stumble down.

My wife got me a sweet new Darkest Hour shirt to add to the collection!

And the robot mower is back in business!

 First pass First pass  After 3 or 4 runs, getting there! After 3 or 4 runs, getting there!

Here it is in the front yard.. getting there.

Finally, some sad news. We recently emptied our fish tank and moved several gold fish and one giant pleco into our pond to accompany a koi and a few large goldfish. Went to check for floaters the next day, the entire pond is empty. Stupid nature. Second time we’ve gotten cleared out. I will catch this fish thief one day.


2 thoughts on “Your Monday Post, Now on Tuesday!

  1. Unless your lawn mower and/or your family dogs stand guard 24/7, sadly, I believe your fish pond will continue to just feed the local wildlife. Racoons, egrets, owls, turtles, and raptors all love a good fresh fish meal. Oh, and the Koi probably ate the other fish before being someone’s meal. Maybe you should put the pond in with the goats. They can be "guard goats."


  2. Elizabeth Jones Thompson June 19, 2018 — 12:06 pm

    Where is the fish cam??


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