Keeping up with the 1%

It’s Friday! And I can wear shorts to work today, a privilege normally reserved for royalty and the financial elite. Between the spinning death blade automaton I let roam my property and my right to show off my chicken legs one day a year, I truly have achieved 1% status.

Is that good enough? I mean probably.

When we last spoke I told you about the untimely departure of project CJH8. Two loads down, one to go. This is all that remains. Sure hope the buyer comes back for it. He wanted the clutch so I’m sure he will…

Now what am I going to write about?

I better figure it out quick.

My one year subscription to SquareSpace ends in a month. If divine inspiration doesn’t strike by then this could be the end of Jed and his Red Shed. Or at least the blog thereofwhatforth.

We’ll see.

Until next time..


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