Happy Monday from the Homestead Jed once again. It’s pouring down rain. It has been for a while and won’t stop for a while. Good weekend for an outdoor concert and a baseball game.

Let’s kick off a depressingly wet Monday with some depressing music.

The concert was Saturday (Twins of Evil) and was cancelled about 20 minutes before the show started. That sucked. We made the best of it and went to our local bowling alley/bar/laser tag/go cart arena. Had an awesome race, I may not have won but I at least beat everybody in my group (barely)! We then moved to the bar and consumed many glasses of water and lots of health food.

 Complimentary face socks! Complimentary face socks!  The helmets didn't even smell that bad The helmets didn’t even smell that bad  Not too bad Not too bad  Want to know how to get out of paying the check? Want to know how to get out of paying the check?

Sunday was off to a bachelor party Nats game. I was definitely feeling the effects of all the water I drank Saturday night but had a good time. There was a bit of a monsoon but somehow they managed to play. Turns out the field has drainage. I should look into that.


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