Gainesville to Gainesville to Gainesville

Happy Monday. Here’s 20 minutes well spent (followed by 1.5 minutes of questionable reading)

The boss and I embarked on a bit of a road trip this past weekend. Along with some friends we hauled off down to Gainesville, GA to see our maybe future home. We’re considering a move and wanted to check out the area around Lake Lanier. We stayed with some super awesome friends on the fastest vacation ever. Pretty much 13 hours of travel (including kid/dog drop off and pickup, traffic, accidents, and the worst Steak and Shake ever) Friday and Sunday with a day of fun Saturday.

The Friday drive down was mostly marked by traffic and UConnect’s famous navigation system, which features a warning every 1/2 mile as you approach a traffic incident from 100 miles away. Once you get close to the accident the GPS will take you on a journey which will add 1-2 hours to your trip had you just stayed on the highway. Whatever we got there in tact accident and incident free. Had a few beers, chatted a bit with our hosts, and crashed in their loft sleep over style.

Saturday we kicked off our day at That Biscuit Place which was just wonderful. Skip the salmon and you’ll have yourself a great breakfast. I shouldn’t have even mentioned the salmon. Seriously everything else was awesome. Go have biscuits and gravy. After breakfast the boss and I explored the areas around the lake. Saw the great Buford dam, looked at a few houses, and checked out the towns.



We returned and spent some time swimming in the lake. I found out that heights and I still don’t get along when I tried to jump off the party dock and couldn’t (yes I’m a grown ass man). With a little help (and a lot of being made fun of) from my friends I made it in. Gravity’s a crazy thing. I’ll work on it. We also took the boat out for a bit to tour the local rain clouds. Followed up lake time with a kick ass dinner and eventually called it a night.


13ish hours of fun Sunday and we made it back! The trip was mostly unremarkable but we did stop in for lunch and a show at Steak and Shake. 30 or so minutes to get a shake, little longer on the burgers. Got to watch wait staff argue with cooks while managers did.. nothing? Oh well, burgers were still good!

Alright I know this was a garbage write up but I’m trying to get in the swing of things and start posting again. Also more pictures. Hold tight Jed fan or fans, we’ll get the hang of this again!


1 thought on “Gainesville to Gainesville to Gainesville

  1. Elizabeth Thompson August 28, 2018 — 8:26 pm

    You could have some therapy for that “heights” thing with your sister…


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