The Phantom Monday

It’s back, the dreaded and inevitable Monday. Before I commence my favorite day of the week it’s time for a recap of my weekend. Good news, I actually got something done (with pictures)!

But first a word from our sponsors:

Saturday was dio de les dead stump removals. Ken from Letterkenny came by in the ‘morning’. We hauled off to Ken’s mysterious attorney’s neighbor’s house where we borrowed a truck that brought back fond memory’s of my old Escort (strong smell of gasoline) and the truck conveniently came with a stump ruiner. Back on the road we stopped in at Home Depot to buy some 16′ boards for Sunday’s adventure and finally back to the homestead.

The machine took some figuring to bring it to peak performance but after about an hour we almost got it.

its all in the hipsIt’s all in the hips!

IMG_20180825_132407We took a little break from the big one to destroy the remains of a small tree that was ruining my driveway.

IMG_20180825_145713After a few short hours the tree became a pile of dust. I have since spread the mess around the yard.

Another round trip to drop off the equipment and the family Jed hauled off to my favorite restaurant for dinner with the in laws. Surprisingly the boy waited until we were done with our food and almost done with our beer to absolutely ruin his diaper. There’s something mildly satisfying about walking through a restaurant with a child wafting his poo smell around, both of us with a big grin on our faces.

Sunday was supposed to be slightly lazier but I decided to one up myself and ruin my back. I still have the carcass of CJH8 in my back yard haunting my life. Since the ground is finally dry enough to walk on it was time to make it go away.

I pried the rotting body away from the ground, stacked it on bricks redneck deluxe style, and built it a super sweet wooden frame. You may mock the wooden frame but truly it has the flex that steel lacks delivering superior ride quality on and off the trail.

I was actually surprised that I was able to drag the whole mess with a hand truck. I was less than pleased to have to dead lift the beast to make a 90 degree turn. First lift was not bad, by the third lift I had to go sit down because my chicken legs were no longer functioning. I really should have slid the body closer to the wheels, too late now! I managed to get the thing out of its parking spot, around a few corners, and into the front yard for pickup.

Post Jeep we did a little grocery shopping and went fishing (threw bread at tiny fish while Jed caught nothing).

Don’t let the photo fool you, The Boy enjoyed his picnic lunch. He also enjoyed walking straight into the lake.


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