Jed – Mostly a Liar

Dia De Los Humps, or Hump Day as they call it in the states has arrived.

In celebration of this weekly holiday I present you with this:

First of all, I accidentally paid Square Space $20 to host my domain for about a week. I’m a little pissed about that. They told me to be more responsible and pay attention to my emails when I asked for money back. I farted in their general direction and said screw it (and also that I’m never ever going back now matter how much they beg!! you’ll regret this, when i’m big and famous and making somebody lots of money!!!!)..

So I’m working on this here website and noticed my tag line isn’t really true. “Your source for failed projects, semi-drunken ramblings, and goats”.

I haven’t posted much to any of that effect recently. I’ve been focusing on one failed project, CJH8, which is finally gone.

In fact here are the final words I had to say about CJH8. I shouldn’t have wasted this on Facebook.

IMG_20180827_183553.jpgEven when injured the scrambler is known to crawl several yards under the protection of night

IMG_20180827_185618The car hauler, a scavenger, spots its prey and seals the fate of the scrambler

IMG_20180827_193208The hauler leaves satisfied, it won’t feed again for months

SOLID GOLD material right there.

Back to my point about being a liar. Besides CJH8 not a lot of projects going on in the Jed world. Very slowly trying to dismantle my office in preparation for turning it into a kids room. The Boy is moving on up to the big room. I’ll post photos if I ever make progress.

Goats are still.. goats. They’re definitely alive but goat cam is not. Goat Cam had a good run but I think it has run its course. The Raspberry Pi needs a new job. Halloween is coming up, maybe it’s time for another cool show!

Semi-Drunk ramblings.. well I’ve been posting in the morning. I suppose it could still be true, but not the same as a good late night post.

I didn’t point out the fact that I’m a liar with the intention of making any kind of commitment to make this better. Really I was doing it to put off going to work for another few minutes. That’s all this is to me right now.


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