Attack of the Mondays

I don’t care what you say, it’s Monday. Welcome back! Let’s Party.

This weekend was Labor Day weekend, the “end of summer”, featuring the hottest and most humid days of the year. To celebrate we hauled a few hours South to stay with family friends at their spot on Lake Kerr. Lake Kerr is where I’m known not as Jed, but as The Big Kahuna. It is a sacred place. If you’re not familiar with the Lake, (I wasn’t before my first trip down there several years ago) it rides the border of North Carolina and Virginia and it’s pretty friggin big. Here’s a picture.


We stayed near the very bottom bits.

It was a great time with some great people but I think the Boy got the most out of this trip.


He made a new awesome friend.

20180903111203_IMG_1040Drove a boat all over the lake with Uncle Don.


20180902171352_IMG_0855Enjoyed his first tube ride!

20180903101307_IMG_1004Did some muck stomping on the shore.

20180903101526_IMG_1025Drove the lawn mower (golf cart)

20180902162143_IMG_0711He also demo’d his buckling skills. The Boy is a buckling champ.

20180902162804_IMG_0758He even made time for a selfie with his Pa.

20180902162412_IMG_0733He’s a bit of a bad ass.

20180903101453_IMG_1022Oh yeah, it’s the Boss! The Boy v2 is cookin!

The Boy also spent a LOT of time swimming in the lake. We were very impressed with how he handled being stuck in a life vest for extended periods of time. Wish I got a picture!

In other more Jed like reporting. My fancy lawnmower continues to get stuck in the grass. On the plus side, it makes a great bug magnet. On the not plus side, it does not kill the bugs.

So it’s time to fire up the riding mower and chop down the jungle out front. Won’t start. Add fuel. Won’t start. Sanded down corroded switch terminals, solenoid kicks! no spin. Beat starter with hammer until it clicks, no spin.

So I took a few more parts off, unstuck the starter, and the engine still doesn’t turn. Pull the plugs, no turn. Pull the deck.. well there’s your problem right there. Now it’s degunked and soaking in WD40, alternate/truck battery is on the charger. We’ll see how it feels tomorrow.

In between mower work I had the joy of cleaning poop out of a bath tub. Yes I took a photo, no I won’t share it.

I also finally worked on the clogged shower drain. I found some old drain cleaner that was from the times when people understood imperial measurements. I do not, so I poured, covered, and ran. Acid burnt hair smells worse than burning hair. Should sleep well tonight..

There ya go


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