Revenge of the Monday


It’s back, the third Monday in a series of Mondays. Who knows how many will follow? My bet is 6 but we’ll see.

I’m going to skip music today. I never watch tennis, because I don’t particularly enjoy it.. but The Boss was watching this weekend, so I was listening in. I can’t believe what I heard and saw. If you have managed not to watch the Serena meltdown, check it out here! I’ll skip my commentary because that’s not what this fun blog is about.

In non sports more Jed-centric news. I got the robot mower running in the front yard again! Probably 8 hours of run time and it’s nearly done, just in time for the next flood..

img_20180907_191044POV shot from the next project that won’t happen, live streaming mower cam!

img_20180908_084815Had some fun hanging out with the boy this weekend. He likes my hat.

I finally made some progress relocating the office from the office to the living room. The boy is relocating to the office so the boy2 can relocate from the boss’s belly to the boy’s room.

img_20180908_114851This is the contents of the two desk drawers..

img_20180908_115531Nice and clean for now!

img_20180909_105622Sunday we had a lot of fun, first we took the boy to Panera to take this funny photo.

Then ran around Target for about an hour.

Then off to the brewery!

img_20180909_164738He wasn’t melting down, just pushing his tractor and chasing it.

img_20180909_160125He spent a little time in the backyard wrestling ring, no opponents stepped up.

img_20180909_171217And finally crash and burn. I look the same after the brewery.

Another fast but solid weekend, we had a lot of fun. This weekend is wedding and double birthday party for the boy and his little brother so it’s going to fly by too. Now to survive the week.


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