The Monday Strikes Back

Monday is back with a vengeance. It’s been a productive weekend, now it’s time to bring all that productivity and will to live to a grinding halt for 5 days of work.

Before I catch you up to the weekend, a quick recap of last week’s activities.

I had a tree butcher come over and murder 2 trees and give 2 other trees a sweet haircut in the front yard. Well actually.. I tried for a week to give away a perfectly nice red couch and ended up hiring the guy who came to pick up the couch. We already talked about this, try to keep up.

He figured Monday, maybe Tuesday to get it done. That turned into also Thursday, wait nevermind Friday. Oh well, it’s done, trees are gone, and I even got to help by holding a rope wrapped around power lines!!

While that was happening I had another fellow come over with a large vacuum truck to empty out the underground concrete container I store my darkest secrets (and poop) in. That went worse than the tree felling. It took about 1 second of observation for the guy to point out that something is definitely not working the way it should.

Turns out the tank is not supposed to be full to the brim, and the water is supposed to flow out into the yard, not back from the yard. Semantics if you ask me. Joking aside, a soils engineer is going to come out this week to tell me juuust how screwed we are. My guess – ‘very’. I’m curious to see how the tank would look if it hadn’t rained every day since winter, but I suppose it needs to be taken care of either way. Don’t want the poo backing up into the dishwasher.

Saturday started off a little rainy but that didn’t stop a fun playground play date. I have to say there are a lot of really nice playgrounds near my house, this one is completely fenced in so you can let the chitlins run free while you drink a beer out of a paper bag in the passenger seat of your car.

Back home the Boss broke out one of the Boy’s presents and made play doh hamburgers. They taste every bit as good as they look.


Sunday was paint day, no photos yet but I assure you the Boy’s room is now green. I’ll save pictures for the finished product. I need to go buy more paint today to finish it but we’re getting there. All I have to do now is a second coat of paint, paint and build out the closet, install a closet door, paint all the trim and doors, paint the baseboard heater, refinish the hardwood floor, stain and install quarter round, paint a dresser, paint a shelf, paint an end table, replace the outlets and covers, replace the switch and cover… that should probably do it!


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