A Doozy of a Day

It’s been a Hell of a few days folks but I think the chaos is over. The Boy2 decided to take the Boss and I on an adventure involving multiple doctors / hospital visits, ultrasounds, and even the threat of an early arrival! He’s already scoring poorly on his tests and he’s not even out of the womb. As it turns out, a 2/8 on a BPP means go to the hospital and maybe have a baby. Luckily after a few injections and threats from his parents he brought his score up.

The Boss has been a trooper through it all and all of the nurses, techs, and doctors have treated us well along the way.

Meanwhile the Boy had a previously scheduled eye dr. appointment for his wonky eye, unfortunately no results there except a referral to another specialist!


Mean-meanwhile the Boss’s dog (I still don’t claim the dog) took a slide down the stairs and is temporarily 3 legged which doesn’t pair nicely with the arthritis. Hoping it’s nothing major but there may be xrays in the future!

Back to work tomorrow, no emergencies, no injuries, no hospitals, no house disasters. That’s the ‘plan’.



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