Extremely Employable – Part III

One of my shorter lived (but surely not the shortest) jobs was the honorable title of ‘shop rat’ at VTTI. VTTI is the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute which is a collection of smart people making roads and cars smarter.

It should already be obvious I didn’t belong.

They have quite a few facilities and even have their very own private smart road with a giant out of place bridge (allegedly the tallest state maintained bridge in Virginia). I truly have no idea how I ended up working there, or what I thought I would get out of it. I believe it was sophomore year of college so I was probably just looking to make a few extra dollars but it was one of those jobs where I spent more time asking for things to do than doing things. I was pretty much responsible for keeping the shop and tools clean. Nothing engineering related or that required something resembling a brain. A tough gig. I was nearly qualified.

Inevitably boredom won over and I called it quits. I don’t think it was more than a few days.

The End.

Man this delve into my career history is a bit of a rough eye opening experience. I assure you it’s not going to get better, and there are about 8 posts to go. Stay tuned!


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