Today I’ll take a short (extremely short) break from whining about all the water ruining my poop dispersal field.

Yesterday The Boss let me know that her parents basement was slowly filling up with water and asked me to come by after work and take a look. The basement is not small, and the water was over the first step. When I started working the water line was about 1″ below the top of the semi leaky rubber boots I borrowed.

I sloshed my way over to the sump pit and found a vibrating riser pipe so the pump was definitely running but not pushing water. Next step – pull the pump. Once I got it out I started to take it apart to take a look but heard a little rattle. Looking around I found that the shaft had sheared so the motor was spinning but no longer turning the impeller. No wonder the motor was so damn hot even being under water.

Off to Lowe’s!

Now anybody who works on home projects knows there’s no such thing as a single trip to Lowe’s. I’ve found a way to expedite the double trips, what I do is I walk straight from check out to returns and exchange or buy something else. I’ve done this the past two times I went to Lowe’s. Very effective.

This time I made the U-Turn because the pump I bought was $50 more than advertised. Turns out it was on the wrong shelf. When I went back to look at my options there was another pump with slightly better stats that had much better reviews online so I did an even exchange and was on my way.

Back to the house, quick pizza and beer fuel up and back to work. Cut the existing PVC down and glued on a new fitting. According to the repeated bold all caps text it was crucial to drill a hole in the pipe, couldn’t find a drill bit but I found a soldering iron so I melted through it and then back to the basement!

The water level was up a bit so the boots turned into buckets but I got the thing put back in and it fired right up. Basement is draining! It probably needs a little adjusting once the water goes down, not the easiest thing to install underwater but it’s doing the job. If only I could be this productive at my own house!


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