Return Of The Monday


Doo, do do do, la da da, la da da, la da da..

Oh what’s that you say, it’s Monday? The Augmenter of Awesome? Bastardizer of the benevolent? Culling of cool? Dream destroyer? Euphoria euthanizer? Fantasmic f*** up? Gangrenous great? Holistic hate? Iconic idiocracy? Just joking I can’t do this anymore. The last few really didn’t make sense anyway, kind of lost my momentum after E.

Another weekend in the books.

The Boy kicked off Saturday by waking up early in the grumpiest way possible. Not sure what the problem was but he made the morning nothing but a joy and delight for The Boss and me. Eventually The Boss took him off to a playground to get his grumpy energy out so I could put the second coat of paint on his room.

I had enough time to put a second coat on and install his new shiny ceiling fan!


Annoyingly – when the paint dried I noticed the edging didn’t match what I rolled. I edged the second coat with the last of the first gallon which didn’t match the second gallon. Fixed it Sunday with a 3rd edge coat, much better now!

Saturday evening we hauled off toward the big city to celebrate a friends bday and watch the chaos that is 5 small children running and playing. The Boy came home with 2 new lightsabers made out of flashlights and pool noodles which he thinks are the coolest things in the world.


Sunday we took a trip to Cox Farms to stretch some legs. We had pizza, sat on lots of tractors, said hi to the cows and pigs, rode down some big slides, played on the trains, and just had a general good time. Even managed to get The Boy to nap for 30 minutes out of the deal!


We had to try out every tractor we saw, there are a lot more tractors there, we’ll get them all next time. I think he was partial to the Ford.

Can’t leave without a delicious delicious apple.


Sunday afternoon was more painting and a lot of drum playing.

We also took Bam Bam for a walk down the block, yes we walk our goats more than our dogs..

And now the fun is over, time to go back to work..


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