The Monday Awakens

Today’s Monday post is coming to you a little late. I’m sure you all went to redshedjed this morning looking for your AM fix. Usually I write these Sunday night but I was working on The Boy’s room late last night.

I’ll do a post about out his room when it’s all done but safe to say I’m worn out and happy I’m not at work today.

(8:15): I’m writing today’s post from the pediatric ambulatory surgery center where the boy is currently wearing a hospital issue butt exposing dress. Not to be outdone I am rocking a full tyvec suit with hairnet. The Boss is wearing normal clothes like a normal person.

Today The Boy celebrates Columbus Day with a minor procedure. He gets to try the good good knockout gas in a bit which is a little nerve racking for his parents. He doesn’t seem concerned. He’s sitting on the floor watching Blippi.

I’ll write the second half of this post after he’s out of surgery. Why not watch this while we wait?

Midway update (9:30): I got to be in the operating room for the thirty seconds it took to knock The Boy out. Turns out screaming into the mask makes it work faster.

Another update (10:00): We’ve been moved from the waiting room to the consult room and are still waiting. It’s hotter in here and the TV’s off.

Another update (10:30): Report from the doctor, everything went well, next stop; recovery!

Final update (11:30): from the McDonald’s parking lot – The Boy wants cracker and juice. He’s sore but holding up well. We’ll see what the rest of the day holds.

Now we just need to fix that wonky eye!


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