Extremely Employable – Part V

At this point I know I’m getting out of order. The time between graduating college and landing my first ‘real’ job was rocky – perhaps you’re picking up on that.

Once upon a time, many many years ago, through the power of Craigslist I picked up a job with a lovely little company called Mosquito Squad. Before I get into it, check this short informational video.

To be honest I didn’t care what the job really entailed I just needed a paycheck. My first few days of work I met at my boss’s house which usually meant hanging out with his kids for a while then we rolled. He had a pickup truck with a big ol’ water tank in the back where we kept the death fluid. We rolled off to a storage unit and picked up our backpack leaf blowers equipped with chemical atomizers and our buckets of chemicals. Mixed it up and we were off.

Oh yeah, safety, we didn’t just mix chemicals all willy nilly. Unlike the muscley fellow in the music video we were full tyvek suits with respirators, goggles, boots, gloves, the works! Really good breathable summer ware.

The job basically consisted of driving to our customers, suiting up (we stayed partially suited up in the truck at all times), and spraying all of the bushes on the property. Not especially hard but the summers tend to get a little warm here and the tyvek doesn’t breathe.

After he taught me the ropes I even got to take my own little Mosquito Squad truck out and roll solo but I mostly worked with the boss.

I got to see some pretty wild houses especially out on the Potomac that I would never otherwise be invited to. So that was neat, killing bugs for the rich and powerful. Somebody’s gotta do it. Turns out, I’m not that somebody.

This job came to an abrupt end after one too many calls asking where I was when I wasn’t on the schedule. Get organized man! I’m sure he has figured it out by now. That or I was just too hungover to realize I was on the schedule.

Another thrilling post by Jed complete. Honestly it’s tough writing about a mostly lackluster job that lasted a few weeks almost a decade ago. Don’t worry we’re getting to the good stuff here soon. Working for family, getting radioactive, and then my first big boy job. Oh also turning wrenches for a clothing store and having my honor defended by a semi-toothed Russian fellow. Oh the good old days.


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