The Last Monday


Don’t worry it’s not actually the ‘last Monday’.. unless you die today. In which case, my bad.

Before we get to the Monday morning stream of consciousness weekend recap here’s your official Jed endorsed random music video to lightly step on Monday’s pinky toe:

I think I need to start a new segment. Jed’s Dreamscapes. I know this isn’t unique.. but I have some super wacked out dreams and as far as I can remember I always have. Last night was no exception. The dream started normal as far as I can recall, The Boss and I were hanging out with The Boy when The Boy started making his “I’m gonna poop” face. He proceeded to do the deed. But that wasn’t it, after he finished round one he extruded a second victory poo right out of his diaper. A lovely dream so far for sure but it gets better. He then makes the ultimate “I’m pooping help me” face and proceeds to unleash a mass larger than himself. He pooped out a packaged 9 pound turkey. Didn’t seem to phase anybody else, they recalled him eating something weird the other day.

Somebody explain this one to me.. who shits a whole turkey?

In case you’re wondering, neither of us poo’d the bed.

Back to Monday..

I was hoping to finally publish the boy’s room remodel post today.. unfortunately still not done. Stubborn weather seems to be slowing my paint drying progress. Only one thing left to install. The post goes up this week.. which is good.. because Boy #2 is supposed to arrive next week.


Another weekend gone, I feel like October is moving by too fast. Probably because of the drastic weather shift from insane humidity high heat to cool and breezy. Stay away winter, nobody wants to see you.

Saturday.. what happened Saturday? Little bit of room remodel progress but mostly hang out and clean up day. We met some friends at the local brewery in the evening and then hauled off to see some more friends until past our bedtime.

Sunday was grumpy day for The Boy. When he’s grumpy he likes to skip his nap to stay extra grumpy. We decided to give The Boss a break in the morning and get away for a bit. Off to Homey D’s, we needed more crap for his room anyway. He’s very good at pushing and pulling a cart.

Then we went off to Chipotle for the AM shits.

We also built super cool train tracks. These things are awesome.

Inbetween I worked on getting 15 layers of paint off the old baseboard heaters. I should have clear coated them like this, they looked pretty cool.

Got some deep couch sittin in.

I finally left The Boy downstairs to watch Thomas because it’s really hard to cut trim with a kid in your lap. After a while I noticed he was being too quiet.. peeked around the corner to see him napping!

Hoping to bring you a ‘The Boy’s Room is “DONE”‘ post here soon.



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