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Happy Friday! Or Thursday if I post this on Thursday! Or Happy Day if you’re not reading this the same day I post it.

I’m taking a break from the wildly popular “Extremely Employable” series to provide a progress update of The Boy’s room. I promised to post this week when I was done, and I already know I’m not going to write anything up for Saturday.

So here it is, the official “I’m done but not really done but close enough to done to post this post done” post.

For the readers who don’t know, the family Jed has a second child along the way due to show up in the next week or so. Rather than build another nursery The Boss and I decided to boot my ass out of my office / storage unit and turn it into The Boy’s new room. It’s slightly bigger than his room and it will be easier to just reuse the nursery as is.

This is where our story begins.

Will somebody tell me if I should write about the photo above or below? I can’t stay consistent. Today I’m going below.


Stuff! One thing that doesn’t show is the extremely large number of holes in the wall from all the hangy stuff.


More stuff!


The last remaining ceiling fan that was here when we moved in 5 years ago. It’s hideous and like everything else in the house has been spray painted. It has been relocated to the landfill.

IMG_20180929_114638 (1).jpg

New ceiling fan! Isn’t it pretty?



Old door hardware – I decided to change out the rest of the old interior knobs while I was working on this. The Boy isn’t thrilled.. he can’t open the regular knobs.


I didn’t take any photos of the mass of patches I did, just this one. This is where the cable was previously brought into the room via a hole drilled through the brick wall outside. Not like the attic is super accessible and would make a great place to run cables through or anything.


Aaand it’s gone!


This little guy was hiding in the heater. I found a tooth!

pano after paint 2.png


pano after paint 1.png



Making progress. Ceiling and walls painted. Ceiling fan and new vents installed. Like the wall color? It was in the ‘mis tint’ pile at Lowe’s. The super helpful employee couldn’t help me estimate how much paint to buy but suggested I just bring it back and match it if I needed more. After doing my second edge cut I realized I needed more so I got another gallon and rolled the walls. After that dried I could see very clearly that the two paints did not match so these walls got 3 coats of paint! To be fair – The Boss told me to get 2 gallons up front and if I did that I could have combined them.


Dust containment in place for stage II – floor ruination. If you couldn’t tell, the hardwood floors are terrible. The floors were actually refinished in the house at some point – but two of the bedrooms must have had carpet at the time so they didn’t make the cut.


Rented a drum sander and an edge sander and bought some sandpaper.


Test pass. I had a bit of trouble with the drum sander, never seemed to use the full width of the drum.


Oh yeah, better already.



The floor had a lot of very large gaps which are great for collecting crap so I decided to fill them. That was a pain in the ass.


Completely sanded!


The super cool poly applicator I bought came broken, so I epoxied, zip tied, and taped it back together.


Looking shiny after coat 1.


Looking even better after coat 3.

The floor ended up being really rough so I sanded the whole thing down with my palm sander and 220 paper and did a 4th coat.

floor finished pano.png


Covered the floor crime scene style to paint the trim without ruining anything.


I also took a little break to wash a window. Just one. Still haven’t cleaned the other one.


Like everything else in the house – the baseboard heaters were covered in 15 layers of paint. I started by peeling the paint, that got old pretty quickly so I moved onto sanding which just gummed up the sandpaper.


After that I moved to the chemical stripper which after about 4 coats showed signs of progress.


Finally more sanding. Yes that’s metal you’re seeing. The things are pretty dinged up so they’re not going to be perfect, but they should look decent.


I commissioned The Boss to take a few blurry progress photos to prove I did work a little bit. Broke out the nail gun for the last bit of trim.


When your heel calluses are this thick you don’t notice the big hole in your sock. There’s more hole than sock at this point.


And all of this brings us to the big finish, here it is!



Its Done Pano.png

Ain’t it purty?

its done pano 2.png

It’s not perfect, and it took me waaaaay too long, but I’m happy with the results. Out of everything I’m most happy that the door closes now!

Stay tuned, I’ve gotta get furniture in and painted now. And I’m thinking about a little project for The Boy.

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 9.21.56 PM.png

Tractor shelf desk! I’ve never built furniture before, what could go wrong? The internet has taught me that Norm Abram’s mortise and tenons are for dinosaurs, we’re living in the age of the pocket screw. No skill required. I have that many skills.

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 9.22.21 PM.png

I’ve started to size it out and break it into pieces. If this becomes a reality there will surely be a post detailing my failure.

Until then..


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