Jed and the Monday’s Stone

The Monday stone might just be a kidney stone.

Happy Monday humans and non humans and those who identify as either humans or non humans. It’s that time again, Jed’s Monday stream of consciousness (work avoidance) dump.

As per usual, a little music is required. Check the latest from the Ukraine’s JINJER.


Now to the meat and potatoes.

Friday night I went out for a celebratory dinner of drunken meat and potatoes with a few coworkers to celebrate the last day of a fellow coworker. It always sucks to see somebody go. This guy was one of the two people in my role that trained me when I started in 2010. At least we had a good send off dinner, another former coworker made a 600 mile round trip just for dinner. He might be insane for it, but it was cool to see him.

As for the weekend.. Well first, I think it’s time for a new phone, the photo quality is getting progressively crappier. That’s not going to fly with new baby on the way. I think there’s also an issue with my Google Drive sync, in any event.. that’s why all these photos look like crap.

Before my now former coworker left forever and ever he gave me a super sweet electronic drum set. If  you follow my posts you know that The Boy likes to play drums. The problem is drums are very very loud. Enter the electronic set. Still makes noise, but much much quieter. He friggin loves it. He played every chance he got Saturday and Sunday.

This kid may just be a drummer, or possibly a master clarinetist, who knows?


After our Saturday morning jam sesh we went over to my parents house where my brother was hanging out with his dynamic duo. Can you tell my kid looks up to them?


Sunday was a bit of an adventure, had to do some shopping and stuff collecting around town. Started off by collecting The Boss’s old dresser and a trailer from the in laws. The dresser is currently speckled blue but will be painted for The Boy’s room.

From there we went to Walmart.

Mistakes were made.

I wanted a small freezer, but it was too big for my cart. I took a photo of the bar code and got in line.

We waited.

And waited.

And waited.

The boy ran.

The boy cried.

We waited.

I’d say I picked the wrong line, but they were all moving pretty poorly. There were two people in front of me and I had time to get to know the people behind me pretty well. The lady working the checkout appeared to be ‘in training’ in that she didn’t know how to do anything.. which is fine.. if somebody is there helping. There was not.

Eventually we did make it to the front.

I gave the lady the photo of the barcode to scan, no problem. Then I handed her a gift card.. big problem. After trying to scan it, enter the number, staring at the screen, and looking at me befuddled she reached out for help. The lady in the  yellow vest turned the card around for her and it scanned no problem. Step 1 complete.

Next problem – I need somebody to help me get the freezer out of the store.


The yellow vest lady ran around frantically for a bit giving us various instructions. She eventually came up with somebody who was very obviously overdue for his break. This was his final task before he could go on break.

I took him over to the freezer so he knew what we were working with and he went off to find a cart. At this point I figured I should see how heavy the freezer is.

Picked it right up, no problem. Great, I should have just dragged this damn thing to the checkout.

I ended up waiting for the guy to come back because I didn’t want to leave him hanging. He took it outside and I asked him to go take his break and leave the friggin thing there. In the end, we got our freezer.

I’m Jed and Walmart can’t beat me, off to Lowe’s!

Lowe’s was less eventful, The Boy had too much energy so The Boss took him to play with light switches while I got paint for the dresser and a few other supplies.

After that we stopped in for a B Dubs lunch. Had a great time listening to the guy sitting by himself loudly coaching 3 games at the same time. Very impressive.


Final stop was my brother’s house for a changing table (and apparently a bike trailer).


Got home and added a new shelf to The Boy’s closet.


Then tore into the dresser.


I ran out of paint stripper but it’s doing the trick. I think I’m going to get more of the good chemicals to finish the job.

The changing table is missing a few pieces – so the next post will hopefully be about dresser refinishing and making changing table parts.

That’s all he wrote folks.


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