Extremely Employable – Part VI

We now return to our regularly scheduled Friday programming – Extremely Employable.

First, “Thank God It’s Friday” from Ice Nine Kills.

Today’s episode brings us to my uncle’s truck repair shop.

Since I was a kid I wanted to be an inventor or an auto mechanic. At least I ‘tried’ to be one of the two.

When I was little I always enjoyed trips to the shop with my mom. There were always so many cool things to see. Engines taken apart, big trucks on lifts, tools I didn’t understand, and grease. Pretty much my eutopia.

My favorite thing about going to the shop was that I always left with something cool. Things like switches, radios, motors.. just random things. Always exciting. I think the coolest thing I got was a wheelchair lift motor which I ended up using as a bucket lift to our second story club house.

I worked at the shop on and off in high school pretty much as a shop rat. I cleaned tools, mopped floors, did a lot of filing. You know, the fun stuff. I liked the work because I liked being at the shop, probably not my ideal career though.

After college I went through quite a few jobs, the exact order of things escapes me (I think I’ve made that clear in the last episode).

Anyway, somewhere along the line I ended up working for my uncle again, this time training as a diesel tech. This go round i was actually working on trucks not filing papers. No major work, just the basics under the guidance of people who knew what they were doing. Basically the stuff I wanted to do when I was a kid.

Inevitably this job collapsed after a short time just like the others. I had a tough time coming to terms with the direction of my life after college, and by tough time I mean I drank a lot and was bitter about everything and that reflected in my day to day at work. So, no major changes in that department.

Our next episode I’ll take you to the job that I’m pretty sure was before this one.


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