Jed here, don’t worry, I haven’t given up on the red shed just yet.

I’ve been meaning to post but have been fighting off a bit of exhaustion. The Boy’s little brother decided to surprise us and arrive a bit early.

Saturday morning The Boss woke me up and said she was in a lot of pain. After minimal conversing I was packing bags and we were off. We dropped The Boy off with the in laws and made our way to the hospital. We had to change plans and switch hospitals en route since her doctor was not available, was not thrilled about that.

We arrived, checked right in, and they wired her for sound.


When pain = contractions, visualized.

After running the pertinent tests and collecting insurance and billing information it was set, the c-section was going to happen within the next 30 minutes. I got to rock another sweet white jump suit for this!

Unlike The Boy’s overly eventful delivery I actually was going to watch this craziness.


The procedure started out normal, I hung out by The Boss who was basically a head with arms the way they had the sheet positioned. We were talking with the anesthesia tech and pediatric doctor and nurse, they were super helpful the whole time. Critical point arrived and I was told to stand up and watch the new child arrive.

I stood up and the chaos began. It’s a bit of a blur but there was the semi frantic sound of a doctor indicating she could not grab the baby and his position was poor. A bit of that and I slowly slid back down to my seated don’t-pass-out position.

What followed was a frightening scene for us, listening to doctors call other doctors, ready the NICU, make extra incisions.. yeah it was scary.

The doctors did eventually pluck the little one out and bring him over to the warming tray. From all the TV I’ve watched I expected the proceeding to be much louder.. there wasn’t any screaming. When I looked over I saw a pale white arm, but it was moving!

I stayed with The Boss while the Docs attended to the baby.

I later found out he arrived with an Apgar score of 1. I’m glad I didn’t hear that and didn’t know what it meant at the time. It quickly rose to (I believe) 9.


After a Hell of a fright our new boy arrived healthy as a clam.

Oliver George (O.G.) entered the world at 10:48AM 10/27/18 weighing 6lb. 11oz. and measuring 19.5″. This kid is a champ, he really did not want to leave his comfortable cocoon.

So we’re 2/2 for scary births that make for good stories, and 2/2 for healthy little boys. Not bad.

And now what you really came for – a few photos!


The hospital has super cool umbilical tags that make the doors yell at you when you walk your kid too close. Kept me entertained.


Snug as a bug in a rug.


He graduated to clothes. Don’t get used to those ankle bracelets kid, it’ll be at least 16 years before you’re rocking them again.


Stop and just look at this kid.


Grandparents brought The Boy over to say hi. He’s going to be an awesome big brother.


Apparently there’s some gift giving rule when a little sibling arrives, so O.G. got The Boy a pumpkin full of socks with a train hidden underneath. That train broke after about 15 seconds of use and  has already been replaced.


Sushi, Nana, and Shuffles stopped by.


So did Pops!


And.. I don’t have a nickname for him, so ‘Mat’.


Happy granddad.


Happier grandma.


Happy crew.

Everybody is home now and we’re doing great, just getting used to no sleep again. We’ve got a great group of folks bringing us food and The Boss’s mom has been here regularly which has been huge.

O.G. had his second doctor appointment this AM at the ENT and got his tongue tie lasered. It’s weird seeing him move his tongue now! Oh yeah did I mention he had tongue tie? He doesn’t anymore.

So there you go, we’re a family of 4! I may have to rethink some nicknames, or just stop using them.

Next up, Halloween post, then possibly back to Monday themed title unrelated post post / Friday extremely employable post. That sentence was a sentence right?


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