It Was Supposed To Be A Birthday

Halloween has come and gone, and I am way off schedule on my bloggin’. It’s time to play a bit of catch up.

To celebrate Halloween, here is a fun series of music videos. I previously linked to one in an Extremely Employable post. I wanted to share the whole series. Octane on Sirius XM has been playing these guys a bunch and had them in for an acoustic set which was really good.

The band is Ice Nine Kills and the songs are from the album The Silver Scream.

Part I: The American Nightmare

Part II: Thank God It’s Friday

Part III: A Grave Mistake

Part IV: Stabbing In The Dark


Pretty awesome right?

Ok back to it.

For those not keeping up, my son O.G. was born 10/27, but was supposed to arrive 10/31.

So the family Jed has been a party of 4 for a week now. I’m relearning how to operate on minimal sleep and trying my best to stay patient as The Boy adapts to life with a little brother. The Boss has the hardest job for sure and is healing on top of that. So.. nobody’s grumpy in this house at all, that’s all I’m saying.

If anybody has tips how to get my 2 year old to stop whining all day long imitating the baby, I sure would appreciate it.

Alright.. how far behind am I?

Halloween! Last year I established our house as a place with a fun interactive holiday display. It was a Stranger Things themed display that folks were looking for this year. Although I intended to step it up this year, instead we just put out 3 painted pumpkins and threw out handfuls of candy.

Here’s the fun from last year if you’re interested: Halloween 2017

Since we weren’t supposed to be home Halloween we didn’t even have a proper pumpkin. Halloween afternoon I went to the local market to acquire one of the last remaining pumpkins. Back home The Boy and I set up with a fun array of paints and brushes that The Boss bought.


It started out well enough, we splashed paint all over our pumpkins.


But eventually The Boy started spilling paint. He started with red, it looked pretty terrifying.


A little driveway decoration.


Starting to get messy..




Yep, all of the paint is out of the containers.


Our beautiful pumpkins.

After pumpkin decorating we attempted to get ready for Trick or Treating. We were going to show O.G. off to the neighbors. The Boy refused to put his tractor on and The Boss was still hurting so I walked The Boy to one neighbors house in his Halloween T-Shirt. That was the extent of our adventure.




We came back and handed out candy though, so that was good fun.


After Halloween lounging, isn’t he a good big brother when he’s not being turrible?



I think this last picture was Friday, days are all mixed up at this point. He obviously wasn’t done decorating.

Saturday The Boy and I packed up and went to a friends house to pick up a bunch of free baby stuff to keep the house stocked. He took a cat nap on the way out there.. not enough apparently.

Afterword we went to Walmart and he screamed the entire time we were in the store. I wasn’t turning back. Just kept my head down on my list and powered through. He occasionally stopped to chat a bit then ramped it right back up.

After all that fun our good friend Laura came over to take newborn photos. Don’t worry, the one in the collection below is a quick one I snapped, will post her photos when I receive them. Looking forward to it! There were a lot of cute poses.


2 thoughts on “It Was Supposed To Be A Birthday

  1. The reason for the don’t put your hand in the toilet sign is that one of the first things they teach in housekeeping is that the fastest and easiest way to unclog a toilet is to put a plastic bag over your hand up to your elbow, reach into the toilet, grab whatever is clogging it up and pull it out reversing the bag to catch all the grossness. A toilet with sharp objects inside could be a real danger to housekeepers. LOL
    Congratulations on the new baby! Looks like ya’ll are doing great with the adjustment. (No, I don’t know you, I’m just a random old granny surfing today’s blogs.)
    As far as getting the toddler to stop imitating the baby the first thing to consider is why he is doing it. Since toddlers are incredibly self-absorbed the most logical conclusion is that he has observed that when the baby makes the unpleasant sound the baby gets attention. Therefore toddler logic indicates that if he makes a similarly annoying sound he will also be rewarded with attention. Having raised ten of my own and a whole bunch of others I swear by the “on the same team” method of changing that attitude. Basically scenario is like this,
    Baby cries = parent speaks to toddler in a way to encourage toddler to help you solve the baby problem and ensure toddler gets special attention or at least feels like he is getting special attention. Basically the toddler feels he’s on the parents team for solving the baby problem, comforting the baby, as if the baby is “his” baby. Instead of feeling he’s now second and must try to imitate baby or vie for baby attention.
    “”Your baby” sure does make an awful sound doesn’t he? Wow, that’s a really awful sound, mommy/daddy doesn’t like that sound at all. When he can talk like you do he will stop making that sound all the time. I’m so proud of you for using words and making nice sounds mommy likes. I wonder what your baby is trying to tell us? Do you think he might be hungry/wet/hot/ cold etc? Make it a game, see if toddler can guess what to do. Praise each of his efforts to understand what the baby needs. Can you help mommy make happy sounds/sing a song/ turn on a video/ get a diaper/ etc to calm your baby so he’ll stop making that terrible noise?” I find it also helps to give the toddler attention sometimes and just let the baby cry. Sometimes he needs to know he’s first. It’s been my experience that once the toddler knows I will let the baby cry instead of interrupting what we were doing they will suddenly become proactive and want me to go to the baby rather than finishing our story time etc.
    I love that you let your toddler create his pumpkin his way and that you didn’t make him wear a costume he didn’t feel like wearing. Ya’ll are doing it right. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for the advice!


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