Jed and the Prisoner of Monday

Happy Monday Jed followers and stumble uponers.

Back to my routine – music video first, then family bidness. Today I bring you ‘Algorithm’ by Muse. The music video features Terry Crews! Why not?

O.G. is 2 weeks old – madness. So far we’ve taken 1 week photos and that’s it. I think we did daily photos with The Boy. Slackers.

Folks from The Boss’s church have been feeding us since O.G. was born. It’s been an amazingly huge help. We’re not exactly close by and they’re delivering meals to us.

Recently we received a build your own pizza kit with some premo ingredients. We built ourselves a nicea pizza pie. The Boy had to take a few test bites before we cooked it. He approved.

It was super delicious.

Saturday we went to my parents house to cook out and embrace the chaos brought on by a herd of small children. The Boy loves his cousins, can’t believe they all sat at the table together.

Today was a day of crying children. The Boy is still doing a good bit of whining. I captured a snippet for you to enjoy.

I took him outside after a while and that was the ticket. Guess we’re going stir crazy and just needed some fresh air. We mixed up goat feed, yelled at the stubborn animals, and stomped around in the mud. I bought new boots for both of us yesterday so we could get out and enjoy the yard since it’s never going to dry out.

We also changed the oil in my car. The Boy got right under there with me, he was a big help!


And after changing the oil we left a big mess and needed to go get cat litter for cleanup.. and beer.


Highlight of the grocery trip was a little girl popping out of an aisle with her green cart full of normal groceries, and my son running by at top speed screaming with his prison cap on and six pack of beer in cart. He is his father’s son.


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