Metal.. Always On A Weekday

The name Jed doesn’t sound like it should be associated with hard rock or heavy metal.

Bluegrass, sure.

Country? Obviously.

In spite of my God given birth name of Jed I am a bit of a metal head. I like loud noises, what can I say?

Tuesday night Irish and I hauled off on our yearly pilgrimage to see D.C.’s very own Darkest Hour. This time they were playing U Street Music Hall, a fairly tiny underground club just down the road from a Sunday night murder.

I must say my crappy phone pictures are getting crappier. That didn’t stop me from snapping a few during the festivities. I didn’t quite have my standard spot jammed against the stage, there was a person in front of me.

Tiny stage.

The Deal

The man John Henry, Lonestar in the background.

The Dude and Travis Orbin.

More Deal and his sweet new bass.

I’m ready for the next show already, it was an absolute blast.

In non metal but also awesome news, some fun things showed up on Monday.

Oliver “o.g.” got a kick ass onesie, Sacha Baron Cohen would be proud.

Ken from the New Yankee Workshop and his bird lawyer absolutely ruined a perfectly good CNC machine to make two really awesome signs for The Boy and O.G.

I’m going to put the signs up in the playroom, once it is no longer my storage unit.


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