Jed and the Goblet of Monday

Apparently it’s Christmas music season. I can’t stand Christmas music.. so here’s some Christmas music.

Happy Monday?

I hope so. 

I’ll find out in about two hours.

Back to another week of work and probably some confusing weather.

It was another fast weekend but a good one for sure. 

Saturday we packed the family up and went to a birthday party for the mapmaker’s 4 year old son. I think it was the expected level of toddler chaos. The Boy had a great time rooting through toys that weren’t his and playing a mini drum set. There was a pinata made out of what I assume to be some sort of mild steel or perhaps carbon fiber. The Boy even got to take a few swings at it.

Back home I got to work continuing the ditch I started.. last year? My yard is flooded, and has been just about the whole year. I need the water to go somewhere else. The biggest obstacle for the water besides the super saturated ground is the gigantic twin trunk tree that you can see a bit of in the photo. So.. I took out the chainsaw and started hacking into it a bit. It has lots of roots, it’ll be fine.. right? 

Stinky, smelly, muck..

The stuff I’m digging up is a mix of sopping wet gray clay, roots, and rotted leaves. So easy and pleasant is what I’m saying. 

The Boy kept himself entertained with goats and dogs while I shoveled crap.

The Boy helped me out while I worked in the ditch. He spent a lot of time petting Bam Bam and rooting through my shed full of sharp objects.

Quick tire pressure check.

After ditch digging we took the 4 wheeler out for a quick spin.

Muddy kiddo.
Off to the races!

Back in the warmth we realized we’re super slacking on O.G.’s regular photos. 3 Week photos done!

The Boy with a “Pops Top”
Official 3 Weeks Photo

And oh yeah.. trains, always trains!

No weekend would be complete without trains.

There it is, time to chug a coffee and get to work!


2 thoughts on “Jed and the Goblet of Monday

  1. Elizabeth Thompson November 19, 2018 — 2:32 pm

    Wait…. I was waiting for your report on the liver and onions! Don’t disappoint me.


    1. Dang totally forgot! Official report: I don’t like liver


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