Jed and the Order of the Monday

There’s little worse than heading back to work after an extended break. I’m here to talk you through it.

It’s gonna be ok. It’s gonna be ok. It’s gonna be ok.

Ok.. that’s a lie.

This is just a recap of the past few days, just like any other Jed branded Monday post. 

Here’s some theme music!

Thanksgiving, and with it a 4 day weekend, has come and gone. It’s been a fun break. The Boss’s parents were out of town so we went to my old homestead Thursday. We enjoyed the expected level of chaos that comes with family events. Food was great, chaos was great.

Played a few games after dinner. My much much older brother introduced me to his patented way of playing Guess Who. It really brought the game back from the dead for me, which is nice since it used to be a favorite of mine. 

It plays like normal, but instead of asking the obvious like ‘does your person have blonde hair?’.. it’s more like, ‘did your person recently hide and or bury one or more bodies?’

Dust off your old sets and give it a try, good fun.

I took a little video of one of the quieter moments from the afternoon.

Friday is of course the International day of leftovers. Every year I go to my uncle’s house to have lunch with my uncle, parents, siblings, occasionally a cousin or two, and of course my grandma. I’ve always looked forward to the Friday trip. When we were young chitlins my brothers and I used to go upstairs after lunch and make terrible noise on my uncle’s collection of synths. We’ve since acknowledged our lack of synthing skills, now we converse and pet horses.

Afterword I dropped O.G. and The Boss off at the house and took The Boy Black Friday shopping. That was stupid. To be fair, we weren’t shopping for any deals, but we did enjoy a packed parking lot and a line that wrapped around a store.

Saturday The Boy and I looked at each other and decided we needed more shopping pain, but this time with rain.

We went to Target to stare at toys for extended periods of time, Lowe’s where it’s ok to cry super loud, and Buffalo Wild Wings where I really wanted to eat my food but I spent most of my time trying to keep The Boy from tripping the wait staff. Still a good time.

Not sure why we needed another few inches of rain, but we got it.

I’ve been working on the ditch recently, I don’t know why, but I have. Not sure it helped. 

No I’m actually sure it did not help.

There ya have it.


1 thought on “Jed and the Order of the Monday

  1. Elizabeth Thompson November 26, 2018 — 6:10 am

    This actually did help to make me smile on a Monday morning, back to work after a holiday kinda of day.


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