The Sleep Is A Lie

Good morning, or is it evening? Perhaps it’s midnight. I wouldn’t know.

O.G. is one month old, so nobody in the household Jed is sleeping right now. Actually that’s not true. The Boy still gets his 12 hour beauty rest. 

I’m behind on my Friday and Monday post duties, I know it, so here’s a quick catch up. I’ll post some pictures that aren’t from my junk phone soon! Maybe..

Also if anybody has recommendations for a moderately priced Android phone with a nice camera, let me know.

Christmas lights!

This weekend we got our Christmas tree and put lights up on the house. It never really stopped raining here so the roof was nice and slick and the high side gave me a good dose of vertigo. Seems to be getting worse with age.

That blurry green blob is our Christmas tree.

The tree went up! The Boss suggested we use all plastic ornaments this year. Good call, they were all tested by The Boy using a standard UL measure of slamming them against a wall.

The man, the legend, O.G.
Maybe our goats need new friends
The Boss – next to the tree she wanted, in front of the tree we got.


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