Jed – Deadbeat Blogger

Dear Readers,

I hope you haven’t forgotten me, I haven’t forgotten you. I mean yeah, I’ve been ignoring your need for my wonderful blog content, but that’s different than forgetting.

Here’s some peppy music that will play for longer than it will take you to read whatever it is I’m about to write.

Today was a busy one. It was day 2 of my second 5 day weekend in a row. I must say I enjoy a 5 day weekend, if I could work 2 on 5 off every week I may be able to feign happiness in the office for more than 20 minutes.

The day started off like any other, way too early with not enough sleep.

The Boy and I went to a birthday party at a volunteer fire station for our friend’s 5 year old. I always enjoy an excuse to look at firetrucks, and it’s no surprise that the collection of small children also enjoyed their time around the big yellow trucks. The Boy was unsure at first but eventually he got comfortable sitting in the engine and even took a few turns in the driver’s seat. The fire fighters showed off all their gear and taught the kids about fire safety. After that they fired up the ladder truck and took it up as high as it would go. All were impressed.

After the bday party I picked up The Boss and O.G. and we headed an hour South for a family get together. Great food and great company. O.G.’s second cousin decided he makes a very cute pet. I’m surprised she didn’t keep him.

Someday I’ll get past my excuses not to write and get this thing back up to par. Hopefully soon. Realistically it probably won’t be back to normal until everybody in this house is sleeping through the night.


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