Jed – CNC Expert

When we last spoke I gave you a little sneak peak into my current project – a board game organizer for ‘Zombicide’. Well it should come as no surprise to you that it still isn’t done.

Before we get to the fail..

So I went over to Ken from Antarctica’s house last weekend to cut out some more pieces for project ‘Zombicide organizer trays’. He had already cut out quite a few pieces so it almost seemed like things were going to be ok.

Everything looks good right? Almost. The pieces I designed were just a hair larger than what Lenny the CNC machine could handle. Basically all of pieces ended up lopsided. I modified one the best I could just to give it a test. It’s really close. But not quite good enough.

Makes a nice matchbox holder – or according to my mom a good Barbie shelf. Side business?

In standard Jed fashion, before finishing this project it’s on to the next one that probably also won’t happen. I have commissioned myself to build a CO2 laser cutter for Ken from Antarctica. Here’s a little design preview.

That’s it for the failure, I’ll leave you with two less than thrilled children.


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