Jed and the Half-Blood Monday

Only 3 episodes left in the series, probably time to pick it back up.

The Boss is sick as Hell tonight. I was sick as Hell Thursday night. The Boy was sick as Hell last Sunday night.

The Boy went to bed before dinner tonight, he was next level crabby. I hope he makes it through the night but I get a feeling a 1AM snack is on the menu.

Not to be outdone O.G. decided to throw down a purple faced scream session tonight to keep me in check.

Not to worry though, the weekend has been pretty solid overall. But before we get to the rest, a word from our sponsors.

Wait.. where’s the music video?

Here’s the thing. Normally I pop on the You’s Tube and it has a whole slew of music videos with my name on them. Well.. not anymore. Now Your Tubes has a curated selection including large scale model trains demo’d by the elderly, RC tractor conventions, DIY laser CNC builds and fails, and Blippi.

Give me a minute.

Where was I? Oh yes the weekend. So as a secure man who can’t build a jeep or keep a shed standing I dabble in the HGTV channels. Unfortunately this has led me to an organizing expedition care of (my bastardization of) the KonMari method.

So far I have a very well organized sock drawer, underwear drawer, shirt drawer, and pants drawer.

I also got the shed cleared out!

Just kidding.. I just pulled everything off the shelves so I could clean up the mold and mouse crap. It’s a disaster.

The Boss and I tackled the kitchen this weekend and did some solid damage. It doesn’t look a whole different at a glance but it is becoming better organized and we got rid of a good pile of things.

Enough about my perfectly organized undies and forks. This past week O.G. hit the 3 month birthday. He Old.. but super cute.

This is where the stream of consciousness ends.

Wait no just kidding I’m not done with you yet.

I have embarked on a 28 day photo challenge with 2 friends for the month of February. I really like it, it’s getting me thinking about taking photos again and reminding me how much I enjoy it. Hoping to keep the momentum going throughout the month. Here’s what we have so far.

Day 1: Unedited
Day 2: Light
Day 3: Dark

More to come, or not, I don’t know.


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