Jed and the Deathly Mondays: Part 1

Hello World.

It’s cold, icy, and raining outside. Add 1 part general grumpiness and we have the recipe for a Monday. It’s going to be excellent.

Pump up the jam (pump it up).

When we last spoke I shared progress on my first go at a photo challenge. I’m going to share the photos and some alternate options I have not posted. Next time I share I’ll just link back to this page so I’m not re-sharing the same thing over and over.

Edit: I clicked save and lost half of my photo uploads. So I’m doing this a second time, slightly more angrily.

Day 1: Unedited

Day 1 Alternates

Day 2: Light

Day 2 Alternates:

Day 3: Dark

No alternates for day 3, this was all I had!

Day 4: Smooth

Day 4 Alternates:

Day 5: Rough

No alternates for day 5, honestly I am not a fan of this one but there it is!

Day 6: Shallow Depth of Field

Day 6 Alternates – I had a setup in my head but I didn’t feel like it really fit the challenge. Don’t be surprised if you see this idea come back up later this month.

Day 7: Asymmetry

Day 7 Alternates:

Day 8: Symmetry:

All of the alternates were variations of the same thing, but here’s the original (I think.. it’s close.. you get the idea) so you can see how little effort was put into it. I am trying to get better at photo editing but I was tired.

Day 9: Low Angle

I like utility towers. Some of the first photos that I edited (poorly) were of fire towers and utility towers with my point and shoot el cheapo camera. I really liked those pictures. These ones are ok too.

Day 9 Alternates:

Day 10: High Angle

Day 10 Alternates:


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