Jed and the Deathly Mondays: Part 2

Welcome friends. Today we conclude our 8 part series. Now I have to come up with something else to name these damn posts.

Ok let’s get started, you know the drill! Music!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I present.. ‘Love?’

When we last spoke I crammed a pile of my photos down your throat. Don’t worry, I’m absolutely doing more of that. Said crammage can be found here.

You may or may not notice a friendly little watermark appearing on my images. Don’t worry about that little guy. So WordPress has this fancy option that let’s you post images as just an image.. not a link to a full quality version of that image. Thing is, that feature doesn’t work. So I pondered that, and looked at my dwindling mystical cloud storage. Figured I’d kill 2 birds – post smaller lower quality images and ‘protect’ them with a watermark. It takes effort and I will probably stop doing it.

[Edit – Too small! I crapped these down a bit too much, I’ll try to not ruin everything next time]

Without further b.s. – here are this week’s images!

Day 11: Hot

This.. this is the inside of my toaster. I thought I could get a cool photo of my furnace burner, that was a bit of a fail. I think this turned out well considering.

Day 11 Alternates:

Day 12: Cold

I do believe this was a suggestion of the Boss. I made colorful ice cubes and photographed them. Of course I had to take a few black and white.

Day 12 Alternates:

Day 13: Long Exposure

I drive by this dam every day. It’s neat. The bridge I set my tripod up on is very narrow and people are not a fan of the local speed limit so it was a tad dicey and prevented me from sticking around long enough to experiment more with this one.

Day 14: Traditional Beauty

My wife got me a bottle of Jameson, I took pictures of it.

Day 14 Alternates:

Day 15: Nontraditional Beauty

I decided to go with selfies because I am a strong independent man who uses photo editing software to soften his unibrow.

I do have a few alternates but decided one creepy selfie was quite enough (2 if you count the cover photo.. which technically was an alternate).

Day 16: Close

Extremely loud and incredibly close. I had fun with this one. I didn’t know what I was going to get but I knew I wanted light coming across the cymbal almost parallel to it like a sunrise or sunset. I stuck all the macro tubes on the camera and went to town.

Day 16 Setup:

Day 16 Alternates:

Day 17: Far

Another fun one! The Boy and I went out for a walk before a brewery trip today. He picked out his jacket which I think worked out quite nice.

Day 17 Alternates:

The left photo was my favorite. I was standing on a stump, and The Boy was very adamant that I needed to get down. I would have gone with that one but I felt the on I chose fit the challenge better.


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