Dr. Jed

We enter a new era of titles, because I ran out of the last ones. These should last me quite a while.

Before we kick into a rather short post, it’s time for your Monday music spectacular. Get trippy.

Alright then. It’s time for another edition of the #2amclubfeb2019photochallenge photo challenge.

Want a recap?

Start here and work backwards.

I don’t really have alternates like previous posts, but I’ll share a few setup photos or something of the like. And we’re off.

Day 18: Monochrome

Of course I couldn’t just go with black and white, so why not red and white? I took this photo at night so the tree was lit up white and the background was fairly dark. This was still difficult to pull off but I got pretty close to the effect I was going for.

Day 19: Colorful

This was very simple to do but I think made for a pretty neat effect. I combined several exposures as this diffuser changed colors and deleted dots until I was happy with the color combo.

Day 20: Soft

I had no clue what to do with this one, I ended up taking a photo of the flowers I got my lovely wife for Valentine’s day. Ain’t it pretty?

Day 21: Hard

I tried to take this photo while the boy was awake, but they’re his fridge magnets and he didn’t like what I was doing. I set it back up, took my photos, sat down at the editor’s desk.. and realized I screwed up. Woops.

Day 22 :Simple

It takes effort to make something look simple! I had to shove my mini freezer around until it caught the ceiling lights just right. White sheet hanging on cymbals for a backdrop, good to go.

Day 23: Complex

Truly uninspired. Went back to the fridge magnets.

Day 24: Large

I wandered around the house taking photos of random things for quite some time before I came across The Boy’s box of beans. Sorted out all the lima’s except one, did a ‘bit’ of tweaking, and here we have it. One Large Bean.

That’s all I have for you today. 4 photos to go!


1 thought on “Dr. Jed

  1. Elizabeth Thompson February 25, 2019 — 10:01 pm

    One large Bean.


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