From Jed with Love

Welcome to Episode 2. We’re going to kick today’s show off with the song that was running through my head the entire time I was shoveling wet clay this weekend.

Alright now wasn’t that terrible? I hope it sticks with you forever.

Today’s post all over the map, I’ve got a few photos of the kids, the finale to the February photo challenge I’ve been working on, and a new project!

Here’s a couple photos of the Boy and O.G.

Curious George? Apparently this is a construction hat.
Just look at that face, this kid is intense.
O.G. chillin in The Boy’s crib while we build a sweet train track.
And of course.. said sweet train track. We had some good fun with this one.

Have you been following the February photo challenge on Facebook or Instagram or this here blog?! If you have not, click here and work backwards through the month.

Ok are you caught up now? Here’s the finale!

Day 25: Small

I had fun setting this one up with absolutely no appropriate lighting equipment. I used my Chromebook as a base, my chest freezer for the back drop, and a white sheet hanging from cymbals to help with lighting. It was tough to get the top where I wanted while spinning, but I think this turned out quite nice.

Day 26: Street

So… this is kind of a terrible photo. I did not use my pinhole lens this entire challenge, and I knew it wouldn’t work for the final two days.. so I broke it out. I also took the photo at night which was the case for pretty much all of my photos. I believe this was a 45 second exposure and it is of the street right outside my house.

Day 27: Action

This is my wife cruising along on her prized possession. If anybody wants to buy us their comically priced treadmill that would be superb!

Day 28: Harris Shutter

Like everything else this was taken at night while tired. I would have liked to spend more time on this concept but it still turned out pretty neat. If you can’t see me on drums I’m baarely there in yellow. This technique is much better suited for a black background.


Introducing a new tag: draintheswamp

I’ve been complaining about all the rain for quite some time. I do like to complain.

My yard has been nothing shy of a swamp since.. last spring? I have spent a lot of time digging a ditch between my house and my nextdoor neighbor. Unfortunately on that side of the house water flows uphill so it has not done a lot of good. All of the water has also shifted the ground level at my fence so my bottom fence board is now in the dirt blocking water in. I do plan to pull it apart and raise the fence boards this spring or summer to help out with that.

I decided to shift gears this weekend and focus on the Red Shed. I’ve dug a moat part way around it so far. The plan has been changing constantly but my current plan is to gravity drain water around the shed with a french drain, send that into my existing cistern, and pump it to the creek in the waay back of the yard. The biggest thing I’m fighting is gravity. The grade of my yard sucks.

Digging this muck also sucks.

I had to put some wood down behind the shed because I was sinking so deep into the muck while trying to dig.

There are a few abandoned drains in my hard so I tried dying the water to confirm where this one was going. It didn’t work.

The existing sump pump has never worked, finally yanked it out after 5 years.

This is the temporary rig up for the new sump pump. It pumps into 4″ corrugated pipe which drains to the back of the yard. I was going to drain the shed into that, but the shed drain is going to be below the existing drain that goes to the back.

I’m considering demoing the ugly box and trying to make a new lid for the cistern. There actually was a lid for it in the back of my yard when I moved in but it was broken in half. Should have saved it to make a mold!


The Boy did help me quite a bit. It was tough trying to convince him not to walk where I already dug and refilled, because those areas were basically quicksand.

So where is this project going?

I have a lot to do, here’s a checklist in no particular order:

  • Demo ugly concrete box and make new lid
  • Run permanent electrical
  • Install sump pump and connect to existing drain
  • Clean muck out of nasty hole in ground
  • Finish trenching around red shed
  • Install french drain
  • Knock a hole in the side of the cistern and plug a drain into it

Future work which I may temp in for now to help reduce flooding in my yard:

  • Connect 3 house gutters to cistern
  • Install drain in low yard spot by pool / side gate
  • Install drain at pool for pump

During this process I’ve cut the mower wire about 3 times so far. I’m sure I’ll find and repair those without any issues..

More to come, hopefully a good progress update for you next week.


Cover photo by from Pexels

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