Happy Days and Sunshine for all.

I need sleep.

Today’s issue of RedShed comes to you from my couch while the O.G. snores on my chest. I’ve tried putting him down several times so I could churn out this masterpiece but he’s not having it. He’s had a rough weekend, and consequently we’ve all had a rough weekend. No sleep. Lots of throwing up. And then Daylight Savings to top it off.

And with that, some music. Chester’s final song from what the radio people said.

O.G. has had a runny nose forever now. He ended up with a nice clogged up eye as a result #notpinkeyeprobably.

Luckily O.G. has a big brother who’s good at cheering him up.

The Boy handled the time change about as well as his dad did.

This slide show is not getting any less random.

Since I don’t have any fancy photos to share I’ll share some of my office artwork.

And now for an update on my muck shoveling. I have shoveled more muck. I’m slowly putting together something resembling a plan to slightly reduce the water level in my yard. Step A is actively pushing water out to the back creek.

Look! Water.. in muck.

Here’s my lovely tub of water. It’s 6 or so feet deep, and fills to the brim overnight but currently only sheds water from the top when it’s over full. I spent a little while trying to de-muck the bottom. Twas gross. I want to knock the square frame off of this and put a round lid back on. Maybe in ten years.

Side quest!

While waiting to pickup materials I decided to chop down some butt ugly trees I have in my yard. If you’re wondering where the ‘after’ photos are.. there are none. After burning my way through a small limb I attempted to sharpen the chain. After burning through another limb I tried sharpening the chain with the correct size file. After burning through another limb I figured it’s time to stop.

Back to the primary mission.

So – the gravity drain from the top of my outdoor vertical bathtub runs all the way to a creek in the back of my yard via a 4″ corrugated drain pipe. The pipe has been squished, chopped, and moved over the years. Most recently when we dug a fence post hole right through it. The drain pipe comes out below the creeks regular water level and it’s not really much of a downhill trip, in fact it’s probably uphill given that water seems to mostly flow toward the house instead of away from it.

Anyway – my bright idea was to ram 150 feet of pipe through the exiting pipe so I could have a solid run from the sump pump all the way back. I remembered my father in law had a bunch of PVC in his basement from a previous flood clean out, so I leveraged my title as free loading son in law and asked if I could have it.

So back home and ready to continue this project, my bright idea was to float a string down to the end of the 4″ pipe in case I needed to pull the PVC through when it inevitably got stuck.

Did you know wet sponges sink?

Forget it, that wasn’t going to work anyway.

Alright so off to the races. Here we have the first 10′ section of pipe shoved on through with the next connected.

It’s worth pointing out that I had to go back to the hardware store before starting because all of my PVC glue was dried out. Probably for the best, I got a big can of the rain or shine glue, which was good since I was pretty much gluing this in the water.

Glue, shove, repeat. This actually went really well for about 120′. Pipe 13 got a little jammed.

Little leverage from a shovel and I got it running again.

The final photo doesn’t look like much, but it’s the pipe coming out the other side. I was actually surprised when I saw it, it shouldn’t have gone that smooth. Don’t worry there’s plenty of time for this project to crash and burn.

Since I have extra light tomorrow I’m hoping to make the rest of the plumbing connections. Next step will be electrical, followed by the french drain around the Red Shed. After that I would like to tie some of the house gutters in, but that may be saved for another time.


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