Greetings and Salutations. No time to waste! Let’s waste some time.

It’s been a solid weekend with chainsaws, beer, and bacon.

The Boss had to work Saturday morning so I got some quality hang out time with the kiddos. I also did a little bit of food prep for the disaster waiting to unfold. Ken from Death Valley, Irish, and a Mysterious Stranger stopped by with a grand plan to slice up a big ol’ stump in my front yard.

Our Mysterious Stranger has grand plans of making a table or other such furniture out of this along with a generous helping of some sort of filler for the big gaps.

Ken and I took the task very seriously.

We had to relocate some wildlife along the way. This little dude was rudely awoken from a long nap. I covered him up with a nice sawdust bed, hopefully he powers through.

Our Stranger gave his saw quite a workout slicing this beast up.

Little bit of ‘free’ advertising.

Being a bit of an opportunist I of course decided to reroute the labor pool at my house from the front yard to the back. I had 3 trees along my fence line growing into hideous monstrosities and they just had to go. No hugging for these trees, their mother tree was not proud. If this offends you – either take comfort in knowing that I will be planting two trees to replace their fallen brethren, or find a new blog (please don’t leave).

Anyway one of my ugly trees had all of its weight over my back fence. Our Mysterious Stranger tried to explain the best way to make the tree go in the right direction but my listening skills were not on point so I cut a big wedge and watched nothing happen. The Stranger attempted to rescue my attempt but there was no real saving it.

The tree lunged for The Stranger. He ran out of the way just in time for the tree to destroy a section of my wonky fence.

Poor fence didn’t even see it coming.

Luckily my neighbor’s fence did not take a hit.

We spent a lot of time cleaning up the trees and I slapped a band aid on the fence so the goats wouldn’t get any ideas.

I’ve also started pulling the branches into pile in preparation for a little bonfire. Can’t burn it all at once here, yard is too small, and yards around here tend to catch on fire in spite of their constant saturated state.

Despite my labor rerouting we did finish up the stump and cram it in the back of an SUV, the way trees were meant to be hauled.

Another weekend down, another week to go.


Cover Photo by Michael Fenton on Unsplash

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