Jed Royale

This time on Red’s Jed Shed; The Boy eats a marker, O.G. takes a selfie, and Jed makes a salad.

As is the process, first we watch an unrelated music video, then we stream of consciousness brain dump.

My Monday posts seem to be showing up a little later every week. This one is being penned Wednesday morning. I would have written this Sunday and published Monday morning but I had to attend to an excuse.

I had a dream last night about Walmart. It wasn’t even a good people of Walmart style dream. It was more of a workplace dream. Logistics, numbers, real exciting stuff. Apparently a few beers before sleep makes for a dream thinky Jed. Cool Story Jed.

We’re off to a poor start.

Let me start over.

I have decided that I am ok with salads. Turns out you can dump anything you want on top of lettuce and it’s considered a salad? The Boss makes lots of salads, so she’s not new to this green trend. She’s actually stepped up her game and started drinking her salads. I’m not quite to that point but feast your eyes on the masterpiece I have created.

Yes Jed, that is indeed a salad.

This blog has taken a turn for the worst. Walmart, then salads. RECOVER JED, RECOVER.

Ok how about kids? Everybody likes checking in on the Jedlings right?

This week on the homestead wasn’t the most eventful. We worked, we played, and we even took a trip down to the mysterious stranger’s cabin in the woods. In preparation for that trip The Boy decided to eat a marker. He did indicate that it was not as tasty as anticipated.

No regrets on this face. For those wondering he didn’t actually ingest the marker, he left the piece he chomped off on the floor.

Of course I can’t leave O.G. out of this photo sharing fun. He is not the biggest fan of a camera flash, which happens to make for some wonderful pictures.

And now for a repeating segment – Jed’s shed that is a slowly fading red is floating away.

You may recall I have recently installed a moat to boost my shed’s defense. I’m happy to report that it’s working quite well.

No intruders are getting past this gator filled moat.

While the moat filled and the ground became double super saturated I decided it was a good time to relocate a wood pile.

A few years back my neighbors cut down a big ol’ tree. I claimed all the wood. That was stupid. I stacked all the wood to dry. That was smart. I built a goat pen around the wood. That was stupid.

The goats have launched a multi pronged attack on my wood pile. First they destroyed my giant tarp. Once the perimeter was down they split their efforts between knocking the pile over and defecating everywhere. Their offensive has been effective and the time has come to retreat.

I also need the pile to move so I can finish digging my moat.

After a few trips with the wheelbarrow I had ruts that were too deep to push through, so I made a nice little boardwalk. I still had the occasional mud grabbing boot and not letting go instance but overall it was successful.

I made two small wood stands from scrap wood I had laying around and a few cinder blocks. The design is one the Mysterious Stranger sent me. It’s perfect for me since I can’t commit to a wood pile location and like to make things difficult. I need to buy a few more boards to finish moving the stack, but I’m happy with progress. Hopefully the wood will start to dry out and smell less like pee. If not the next winter will be a smelly one.


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