Jed Only Lives Twice

Greetings, I’m back after skipping a week of my most important obligation – Monday(ish) blog posting. Completely out of character this post comes to you on a Monday morning.

Before we get started, here’s a song!

The weather is getting nicer. You know what that means? Apparently it means more rain. Project ‘drain the swamp’ continues in spite of the rain. The family and I packed up and went to Home Depot to get the bulk of what I need to make my piles of dirt in the back yard go away. I bought pre-made french drains and a bunch of connectors to fit it all together. In true home store fashion they did not have one important piece and I forgot a few pieces. This is of course after carefully diagramming out the whole project.. and forgetting I have 2 gutters.

Anyway I got a little section in the ground and covered with some dirt to hold it in place. I think it needs to be deeper.. I just can’t dig deeper in this friggin muck! I don’t know.. I’ll ponder it today. I also need to make sure it has something resembling a grade. At the top of the photo I’m going to connect this to the gutter and then take a right behind the shed. At the bottom it is going to transition to Schedule 40 PVC to the giant concrete hole in the ground. This section of the yard tends to take the occasional vehicle traffic, I don’t want to crush the crappy black pipe. I’ll also continue to the right with more french drain. It will pick up the rain barrel run off and hopefully reduce the water level in the goat pen.

While I’m working on moving water already in the ground my roof decided to spring a leak. Not a major one, but something else to fix. There’s a section of gutter that is basically positioned to send water up under the shingles, I’m pretty sure that’s the culprit. I’ll get up there once the roof is dry. I think I’ll add a section of downspout and run it along the roof into the next gutter. We’ll see how that goes.

Enough about flooding – besides digging muck the family had a pretty good weekend. I hooked up The Boy’s bike trailer and took him for a few rides. He’s sporting a big yellow helmet and loves it. We also had a solid playground trip. The Boy met two little girls sporting purple and pink glasses, both who have the same problem with the same eye. Just three little cross eyed kids running the playground together. They had a blast.

The Boss decided it’s time to add 10lb. dumb bells to her collection so we brought a little organization into the mix. One day our little home gym will look as nice as it did when we moved in, before dogs ruined the room and we had kids. Right..

And catching you up from last week’s post that I didn’t post. Wood stacking continues, and continues to not be fun. Goat pen is nearly clear of goat pee soaked fire wood. Former goat wood pile will be replaced by pile of clay.

Jed was selected to be lucky Juror number 7 on the thrilling case of ‘driving without a license’. Not much to talk about.. just, don’t drive if your license has been revoked multiple times and you’ve already been to jail twice for the same thing. Because you’re going to go back to jail.

And finally – below we have (in no particular order):

A deliciously unhealthy bacon fried and covered hot dog with grilled onions, blue cheese, and bbq sauce.

Apple pie moonshine – holy cow was it good.

Two new goldfish, not as tasty.

And a delicious beer, part of Southern Tier’s variety 15 pack.

This seems to be as good a point to stop as any.


Cover photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

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