Jed Is Forever

Then Jed placed the landscape timbers, and saw that they were good.

Then Jed drilled holes through the landscape timbers, and was satisfied.

Lastly Jed drove the spikes in victory, but victory had not been secured.

The Good Book of Jed 9:23-25

What’s a weekend at la casa del cobertizo rojo without an incomplete project? On the plus side I didn’t get my car stuck in the mud again.

Follow up question, what’s a week without a Red Shed post? I started this post a week ago and got one sentence in. Let’s finish this bad boy.

This post pairs well with the strange sounds of David Maxim Micic. Crank it up and be confused.

Since I can’t seem to finish my french drain, or moving firewood, or mowing a lawn.. I figured I should start another project. I’ve been using landscape timbers to support firewood stacks and figured.. hey, why I don’t I use those to box in my landscape? I have a little plastic pond out front which was previously boxed in by railroad ties, then fence boards. It’s all gone now.

I thought this would be a quick and easy project. I’m sure it would have been for somebody who’s not clueless.

I started cutting and stacking boards, everything was looking pretty good. I had a bunch of rebar from busting up concrete in the back so I figured I’d drill holes through the the timbers and jam the rebar through. I drilled the holes, slammed it all together, and ended up with this mess…

Ok, that didn’t work. I think the issue is that I drilled each timber separately. I tried to make it straight with shovels and hammers but no luck. Pulled it all apart and tried again. This time I grabbed my 5′ long drill bit and went straight through from the top down.

Drill bit got stuck, battery died, and I had to go, pink glove on for safety.

The Boy doesn’t mind that I’m terrible at this.

Well after another week I got back to it and ‘finished’ this project up. The top board is just tacked in place so I need a few screws but I think it turned out pretty good.

What else have we missed? The french drain progress continues slowly but surely! I installed PVC from the drain to the cistern and buried that sucker. There is a wye fitting at the cistern for future connection to two gutters and the pool pump. Another day..

In-between failing at projects I did have some weekend fun! The family including my mom and younger brother went to a local touch a truck event. There is no happier place for a 2 year old boy. Of course he loves tractors but I think his favorite was actually the Pepsi delivery truck. We had to pry him out. While there we participated in a World Record for the most people hugging stuffed animals. Still not sure if I’m proud of that.

And finally, I picked up a new tool this weekend. The Boss and I have been attempting to mow our lawn with a 20″ dying push mower. Between the thick grass, the mud, and the lack of power we did not have much success. Well I don’t know if you’ve heard of freecycle – but I received an email stating somebody wanted to offload a non running riding mower. It looked nice so I contacted them and picked it up.

I know what you’re thinking, “Oh my God is that a Bob Vila Edition Craftsman 42″ rider?!”

Yes it is. And it is magnificent. The fellow I picked it up from let me know it hadn’t been run in 4 years, so obviously the gas was crap. I got it home, gave it a once over, and went for parts. I drained the old gas and oil and made a terrific mess. Added new gas and oil, changed fuel filter and oil filter, and changed spark plugs. I also put a new battery in it since the old one was beyond dead.

All back together and it would not start. Everything’s working but fuel wasn’t making it through the carb. No surprise there. Took it apart and gave it a quick cleaning, but no go. I called Irish to let him know about my sweet purchase but definitely not to ask for help. Luckily he offered help anyway and gave me the golden ticket. Took it back apart and popped the tip off the corroded anti-backfire solenoid. Back together again and it started right up.

The thing runs great. Still needs a few parts and a little adjusting but I’m happy, can’t beat the price. I’ll report back when I ruin this thing.


Cover photo by Xavi Moll

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