Live and Let Jed

Jed sat on the cold porcelain once again. He knew this was the end. He always knew it would end like this.

Jed – The Unauthorized Autobiography

The weekend is over and the stomachs are settling. It’s been a long sick weekend with the family. I did get a Friday off work out of the deal, but it would have been nice if the bug hit in the middle of the week so I could still have my weekend!

Oh well, I’m feeling better and the kids are on the upswing too. The Boss seems to have narrowly escaped it. I’d say she’s lucky, but she had to deal with us over the weekend. There were no winners here.

Do you want more details or should I skip to music? Judge away, this song brings me back. Nope I didn’t just listen to KoRn as a young Jedling.

Friday The Boss and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. I spent the day at home with The Boy laying on the floor alternating bathroom breaks with diaper changes. It was a hoot. We both mustered up a little energy at the end of the day and did some art in the yard for mom. He doesn’t just drum ladies, he paints as well.

We had a little gift exchange. Keep it classy folks.

And we were hoping for a date night, but settled for a drink between sickly children.

I have literally nothing to say about Saturday. I slept the entire day. It sucked.

Sunday things turned around a bit. O.G. and I took some time for a photo session, he’s getting a personality!

Seen enough photos of the family? Back to Jed, here we go!

Sunday afternoon I was able to escape for a few hours and make some progress in the shed. No new progress on project Drain The Swamp since it poured down rain all weekend and my yard is under water still.

I continued organizing crap into piles and decided to attack my tools.

Here’s why my tools are a mess. When I have a project I take out the tools I think I need, then I come back to the shed 5 more times gathering more tools until I get the 15.3/32″ socket with 13mm drive that I needed in the first place. I finish up my work and bring half of the tools into the kitchen, half into the shed. The kitchen tools stay on the floor for several months. The shed tools are divided evenly between the shelf by the door and a few boxes on the floor.

Anybody need a 2 gallon bucket of sockets and razor blades?

This may sound like a pretty solid organization system but it’s actually making it pretty hard to find my tools.

So I gathered all my tools into a single box then dumped that box on the floor. I sorted them out by type separating out the weak ones (mostly bent flat heads for some reason).

I also added allen wrenches with no size label, broken tools, and a few wrenches.. because 4 of one size is too many.

Then I gave my tool box a quick cleaning and tackled it drawer by drawer. I’ve only made it through the top half but I think it’s going well.

More progress to come.


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