Extremely Employable – Part X

I think this song pairs nicely with Parts X and XII.

My first ‘real’ career was working for a security company as a project coordinator. I happen to still work there.

About 2 years after graduating into a lovely recession my job search wasn’t going so well. You’ve already read about the types of jobs I worked after school. Less than ideal.

A friend got me an interview with this security company and after going through the formalities I landed myself a nice low paying job. I mean it was probably on par with the other jobs I had if I worked them for more than a few weeks, but it wasn’t the money Virginia Tech promised me I’d make as an engineer. I suppose that’s my own damn fault. I’d rather blame the school, the economy, and the asshole that murdered 32 people and ruined the lives of countless others. Let’s save therapy for another day.

My first responsibility as a project coordinator was counting. We received plans from the engineer (the guy I wanted to be), printed them out, and counted devices.

Turns out I can’t count. Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

Loyal readers probably won’t be surprised by that. Since everybody else makes up their own diagnoses these days I’m going to blame it on the A.D.D. that I don’t have. Also counting is hard, shut up.

From counting I started to assist with coordination duties on small jobs. This is when I learned how to use a phone! I don’t miss the days of cluelessly calling field technicians to find out that I am in fact an idiot. Lot of ‘let me talk to the guy who knows what the Hell he’s doing’.. I’m still looking for that guy. I’ll let you know if I find him.

Duties expanded to include cookie cutter quotes, writing contracts, ordering equipment, etc.. But there were always counts to mess up and techs to let me know my place.

Slowly I did figure out what a security system was and came to terms with my life as a coordinator. It was actually a fun job. The fun almost made up for the fact that the only place I could afford to live on my salary was a stranger’s basement. We had a good crew at the office. It got extremely busy but we handled it like adults, by going to Hooter’s and getting drunk. That was usually followed by getting killed in Call of Duty and yelling at each other over the instantnet. Simpler times I do say.

Like all things, the glory days eventually came to an end. The thing about stressful jobs, people seem to like to make them more stressful to find breaking points. There were a lot of breaking points along the way. The last straw was a very large rollout project. There were several managers on the team with big ideas, they were going to put together a big old dream team and power through this. Well numbers talk and for reasons that were above my pay grade (everything was above my pay grade) the team was cut down and it was decided that we should do the work overnight. Don’t forget about your day work though!

Honestly I don’t care why, it doesn’t matter why, I had had enough.

A recruiter called me up and his timing was glorious.

Part XI will explore my move from counting my fingers and toes, to the one of the area’s smallest engineering firms, to Australia’s largest, and then right back to where I started. It’s a cruel world. I just work here.


Cover photo by Thomas Windisch from Pexels

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