Jed with the Golden Gun

He woke suddenly in a cold sweat. He tried to evade his captors but knew it was useless. It happened the same way every Monday morning for as long as he could remember. Jed knew he would never leave this prison, there was no hope.

Restraints in place Jed was unable to move. He was given the same options he was given every Monday morning; go to work, or embrace pain.

He never got used to the bamboo chutes.

Jed Avoids Work – A Chronicling

I wanted to dive back into the college days again for today’s music theory lesson, but unfortunately back then we recorded our videos direct to potatoes. And we didn’t always have potatoes on us.

I had a few friends in a band called Simply Supported. Fun music. One night we were watching them in a former frat house basement (dubbed the ‘Halfway House’.. cause it was a duplex, clever things). It was December in Blacksburg, so it was not warm. At some point in the set things got a little rowdy, bodies bumped into appliances and the hot water heater started spewing everywhere. We got the water shut off and the show went on, but we were soaked.

After all was said and done my brother and I embarked on our journey back to our house. 2 miles, relatively uphill, in the winter, soaking wet. As luck would have it a friend who had the mental faculty to be driving saw us passing by and rescued us from the cold. We got home and didn’t die.

Well I couldn’t find any surviving video so here’s what I have. A video from a different band playing at the same house a few months later, a few photos from the actual show (pillaged from an old friends Facebook page), and a video of the other band that played the show but at a different venue. That should be enough to put it all together right?

That’s enough nostalgia. Now time for some absolute horse shit.

This week a nice fellow named John backed his dump truck down my driveway and left 6 yards of composted horse manure. The Boy approves.

I’m slowly using it to top off my french drains and fill in holes in the yard. Work is still super slow going. It’s been pouring down rain and my yard is a sponge.

Today we celebrated Mother’s Day. The Boss is an absolutely amazing mother to our two crazy kids, one day is not enough to celebrate her. The Boy painted a lovely little birdhouse for her and I put together a display for her 1/2 marathon medals and bibs.

Also we had morning booze.

Besides the black slab of wood (I charred it with a torch!!) I don’t have much to report for projects this weekend. I almost installed an electrical outlet but was denied. I did pick up a dehumidifier for the basement and I can already say ‘best purchase ever’. In 5 hours the bucket was nearly filled to capacity and the difference in the air is amazing. It already doesn’t feel like a damp smelly basement.

The attack on the never ending rain continues on all fronts.

Hopefully I’ll botch a project for next week’s project, give the people what they want and all.


Cover photo by Ryan McGuire

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