Extremely Employable – Part XI

Nestled neatly between my stents at X and XII, there was XI. And nestled neatly between this sentence and the next is some good music.

A few years ago I took on a new challenge as a Security Specialist at a low voltage engineering firm.

I really needed a change and this seemed like a really cool opportunity. Well it was a really cool opportunity.

The company did full service low voltage design and consulting. The projects were typically big and interesting, working with the likes of Smithsonian and others in D.C. that cannot be mentioned.

My primary focus was integrated security which included video, access control, intercom, and intrusion systems. I also worked with our fire engineers and very closely with telecom and was learning about distributed A/V and video walls. Honestly, probably a little too much to ‘focus’ on.

While at the job I quickly learned to work in Revit which is a fairly intense Building Information Modeling software – basically the entire building is designed in 3D, and the lifecycle of the project is managed in part using the software. I also had many opportunities to work with clients and architects on site. It was interesting working on a small handful of large scale projects vs. my previous job which was high volume small projects. I got the chance to focus on details and work with the client to put together what they really wanted.

Unfortunately the job only lasted about 2.5 years. As interesting as the opportunity was, there was plenty of turmoil. Shortly after being hired half of my division including the man in charge were let go due to being insanely over budget on a large project (and other reasons I’m sure). I recall it being done in waves, and after each wave we had a meeting.

Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst

Purge 1 complete and we gathered to revitalize the remainder. While it was tragic to see our friends depart, we were down to ‘Fighting Weight’ and were going to be a truly effective team.

Not effective enough apparently.

After that we were pared down to the ‘Core Group’ of really important people and we were going to get the job done.

I guess we didn’t get the job done.

Next, we were the ‘Nucleus’.. and yes as you know it can get smaller. Sadly our final iteration went unnamed as the individual in charge of the meetings was let go and replaced. I was pretty bummed out by that decision.

After the culling came the buyout. We ‘merged’ with a big ol’ Australian engineering firm. It really was probably a good thing, and looking back I wish I could have stuck with it. They were a good company, but ultimately the stress became too much. It was a situation where nobody was on the same page ever. It’s not possible to do your job when leadership and the worker bees are all going in different directions, a situation I seem to be finding myself in once again.

I decided to turn in my notice, my boss was not surprised and let me know that he had also turned in his notice the same day. Fresh start for all!

And there you have it, that’s the story of the time I became Australian.

One more episode to go for now. Hopefully I won’t have to write another any time soon..


Cover photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

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