The Spy Who Loved Jed

He immediately lost his balance and stumbled back in the mud. Choking on the fumes Jed took survey of his surroundings. Besides a lone goat there were no witnesses.

As he gasped what was likely to be his final breath he thought to himself, ‘Maybe more neighbors wouldn’t be such a bad thing’.

Jed’s Dead: A Collection of Compelling Short Stories

Don’t worry Jed’s not dead. He just did something stupid, are you surprised?

I know I already used this song in a post, but of course it’s not in my well kept notes so I’m not sure how recent it was. This cover features Lauren Babic on vocals, look her up, she is absolutely awesome.

Ok, it’s time for another Jed family weekend round up, now carcinogen free!*

*Contains all the carcinogens.

Saturday kicked off as most have recently. Moving wheelbarrows of clay from the pile to the goat pen. Then moving wheelbarrows of horse crap from the driveway to the mud pit. It’s so damn swampy that I still have to lay boards across the lawn to keep the wheelbarrow from sinking in. I’m tired of moving dirt through dirt.

After dirt bonanza ‘we’ decided to spend our afternoon at arguably the worst place known to humanity, “The Mall.”

We exchanged some clothes, had some awesome Peruvian style chicken, and looked at funny t shirts. All of that was in preparation for something much more fun, the building of bears.

My little sister Sushi works at Build A Bear. I’ve never been before, and never would have been otherwise. The Boy got the privilege of building two bears, one for himself and one for his little brother.

Even though it’s upsell central I had fun hanging out with the little sister. And I actually had fun accessorizing the bears. Try to guess which one I dressed.

Sunday it got hot. Finally. Maybe the muck will start to dry.

I kicked off the day by finishing up a gate for the deck that I started Saturday. The goats have been pooping way too much on the deck, time to put that crap to a stop. I was happy that I had enough wood laying around to put it together, just had to buy the hardware. It ain’t perfect but it keeps the goats away… barely.

While I was working on the deck I thought it would be a great idea to climb up on the roof and clean out some gutters. I have two gutters that catch water from the high roof and dump it on to the low roof. For some reason, somebody thought it was a good idea to have them dump water up under the shingles thus ensuring a leaky roof. I was going to add gutters that run down the roof into the existing gutters, but then I came across these rain dispersing gutter alternatives. I think I might give them a go. Anybody out there have an opinion on the matter?

Since it was so friggin hot out I decided to get off the roof and open the pool.

Isn’t she beautiful. That’s a classic above the ground 27′ diameter 4’+ deep pool featuring all steel construction and a solid blue vinyl liner. The cover had about 2 feet of water sitting on top and about 6″ of muck underneath.

I started the de-winterization process a little too optimistically. I managed to misplace one of the drain plugs but found a replacement with a comically long bolt. The pressure gauge is dead but it keeps water from spewing out so I’ll take it. Still.. before I even turned the pump on water started leaking out of my 1 year old chlorinator. The dang thing had split wide open at the PVC connection. I’m not sure why it split, I had it drained for the whole winter.

Off to the Home Depot for parts.

First order of business upon return, empty the chlorinator into the new chlorine floater. I dumped the tabs into the floater and promptly found myself 10′ back gasping for air. I followed the gasping with some hacking and then sat in the yard spitting every 5 seconds trying to clear the taste out of my mouth. I knew better than to make that mistake, but hey, it didn’t kill me, so that’s good.

Once I was done hacking a lung I went back to work replacing the chlorinator. Decided to leave the fittings in place in case I decide to replace it down the road.

Once it was all together I set up a proper filter in order to transfer the water from above the cover to below with a bit of sand filtering between. Surprisingly, it worked. It’s nearly drained down now, another evening and I’ll be ready to clear the billions of maple seeds off and attempt to remove the cover without dumping the remains into the pool. Wish me luck. I’m about 50% successful on that task.

While the pool was filtering we had a few fun family activities. I taught The Boss how to use a Chrome Cast so she can play her Peloton videos on the bigish screen.

The Boss brought The Boy out and sent him on a worm hunt.

I hauled a bunch of debris from the back yard to the front. Most of that is concrete that I broke up from the cistern. It’s got to go.

And we went for a walk, a long long walk. We even found a snapping turtle in the neighbors’ yard. Should have brought my phone to take a photo.

Until next time..


Cover photo by Wendelin Jacober from Pexels

1 thought on “The Spy Who Loved Jed

  1. Elizabeth Thompson May 20, 2019 — 9:35 pm

    You know, Mr. Bean…. er… Jed… You really should write a book. You are very entertaining and your sentence structure isn’t bad.


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