Open The Pool!

We interrupt your regularlish posts for an update. The pool cover is off!

Possibly one of my least favorite yearly occurrences is the removal of the pool cover. This year was no doubt the worst yet. Two years ago I was smart enough to clear off the fall leaves before the winter. I need to do that again this fall.. definitely regretted leafing that mess.

Along with the leaves was about 2 feet of water and an amazing amount of maple seeds. And of course a fine selection of frog corpses.

I’ve spent the the last few days draining the cover, but since there was just so much water I filtered it back into the pool. Turned my lovely clear water into pure green goodness, but also saved a bunch of money for water and avoided adding more water to my already over saturated yard.

I’ll just shock the ever living Hell out of it until it’s ready.

Once I drained as much water as I could and raked as much muck as I felt like it was time to pull the cover. Always an exciting moment.

So that’s pretty much how it goes every year. I fought the pouch of water for a while longer. I tried to pump the water out but ended up emptying it by way of 5 gallon bucket brigade. Eventually I got the tarp out to reveal my all brown/green pool of wonder.

Put the tarp up to dry and called it a day. That will probably be there for a few months.


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