For Jed’s Eyes Only

Jed choked back tears with all he had. He could barely breathe. This moment would further define who he was as a man, for there was quite simply, “shit everywhere.”

Jed and Jederer

The top half of my head got cut off in the cover photo.. but I guess I’ll leave it as some sort of play on the title? Don’t mind me, I just write here.

Today’s post comes to you from the Pennsylvania Turnpike. My delicate flower of a stomach does not appreciate me staring at my phone while winding through the hills, but this is for the fans. I suppose I should mention that I am a passenger and not driving.

You may be wondering why I’m in Pennsylvania. Like Ohio, Pennsylvania is best known for making it take longer to get to your destination.

I am returning from the suburbs of Detroit after an awesome but fast wedding weekend.

At the conclusion of an exhausting three day work week the Family Jed packed up and hopped in a minivan to head North. The in laws picked us up in a sweet rental Dodge Caravan. I might just be ready for (The Boss to start) minivan life.

We wound our way through West Virginia and Pennsylvania and crossed the semi flat land of Ohio. Turned right and cruised up to Michigan. I snapped this high quality souvenir photo along the way to prove I’m not always lying.

To my surprise is was a quiet and pleasant ride. The kids were good, the roads were good.. there’s not much to talk about. I mean I did see this super cool sardine can of a truck. But that’s it.

We dropped our crap in the hotel room and met some family at a local hot dog shop where we sampled Michigan’s world famous Chicago Dog and Coney Island Dog. Then we took our full bellies back to the hotel pool.

If only I could turn back time.

It was all fun and games until The Boy was lifted out of the pool. The water that came off of him was a lot darker than the clear it was supposed to be. We wrapped him up in a towel that I’m sure was already stained brown and wobbled to the room.

I’m proud to say I did not puke while cleaning off the cloth swim diaper and helping The Boy take his first shower. I wanted to though. That swim diaper went straight to the dumpster.

I have now been demoted to the way back seat in the minivan with O.G. It’s not so bad.

Where was I?

Saturday we did a little exploring and went to the Hands On Museum in Ann Arbor.

It was a great time. We only had a few hours to explore but that was plenty of time for the whole family to learn and play. The Boy had fun too. Highlights were a huge water table room and a giant ball track both with tons of physics demonstrations.

Saturday evening was the wedding, which happened to be why we were in Michigan. The ceremony was really nice. The Boy has no inside voice so he got to be a two and a half year old with a pacifier. No shame here. It worked.

Hey look we’re in West Virginia!

Oh I didn’t mention the venue. It was super nice, and a bit massive. The location was a seminary from the 40’s turned hotel / golf course. There were two or three weddings and a birthday party going on simultaneously and you wouldn’t even know it.

I spent the bulk of cocktail hour following The Boy back and forth down a long hall.

After that we moved to our spot at the kids table in the ballroom. The kids table is the most fun table. They were the first to hit the dance floor and partied till they passed out.

I didn’t take a whole lot of photos at the reception because it was a little dark and my camera sucks, and I was chasing kids, and open bar. Mostly because open bar.

So I was trying to take photos of the mountains and scenery but this damn sign got in my way.

It’s ok I got one without it.

If it seems like we got through West Virginia fast, it’s because I’m hanging with this dude more than I’m writing.

I’m losing track here.

So Sunday was family brunch then we hit the road. Then I started writing this disjointed masterpiece. And here we are, together again.


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