Never Say Jed Again

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there from Jed and Co.

I had an awesome Father’s Day weekend, and now it’s time for me to tell you about it. Not a big reader? Scroll to the bottom for some family photos.

Saturday morning I went internet shopping for my Father’s Day / Birthday / Christmas / New Year’s present. We’ve been using a tailgate grill as our main grill for 5 or so years now and it recently crapped out on us. The Boss suggested we get a grill. I got a grill. I couldn’t decide on what kind of grill to get so I got everything. It’s a gas grill with a side burner and just for kicks a charcoal grill. Then I got a second charcoal grill that bolts on the side to serve as a smoker box. It’s mostly together. I need to get some parts from the manufacturer before I reveal the finished product. It came a little dinged up. No surprise there.

Remember that one time I said I cleaned the Red Shed a little. Right. Well my bike is back from the shop and now it goes forward! I got a collection of light fixtures and lockers from my dad. And a family heirloom acetylene torch set from my father in law. Just gotta find a spot for everything.

Dirt-A-Palooza 2019 Update!

The driveway is clear of my shitty manure purchase. I finally got a weekend without plans or rain. I screened the whole pile and spread the good stuff around the yard. The small rocks and clay got sent to the back to be a ramp for my mower (since I tried to kill myself picking it up and putting it in the shed the other day). The big rocks were added to the goat pen concrete pile.

High on progress I figured I should go ahead and mow the lawn. Slammed through the front yard and thought to myself.. I bet I can mow the back.

Now I’ve been avoiding the back yard because it’s a swamp, but it’s been hot out right? It’s probably fine.

I successfully navigated the main lake and found high ground along the fence line. Sadly that’s as far as I made it, so my tractor lives in the backyard now.

After an exhausting day of work a Target run with The Boy sounded like a good idea. He was a frog, a slow frog, the kind that crawls along the floor the whole time. Grin and bear it.

Back home once again, The Boss thought we should take some photos, so we did! No children were harmed during the photo session despite The Boy’s best attempts.


1 thought on “Never Say Jed Again

  1. Elizabeth Thompson June 18, 2019 — 8:20 am

    Happy Father’s day, Mr. Bean!


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