A View To A Jed

I’m not sure what a typical Jed post is anymore, but this ain’t it.

It’s vacation photo time!

The Family Jed just returned from a week long vacation in the Outer Banks. It was wonderfully chaotic.

We start our review of the journey with a few photo selections from my cell phone, and move to neatly categorized slightly higher quality photos. Please feel free to peruse. Let me know if I can get you anything.

Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin..
Note for next year – don’t put all my stuff at the front of the trailer.


Appendix A:

Our super cool backyard playground had a castle, pirate ship, and a mini golf course. Yes, obviously I already reserved this house for next year.

Appendix B:

Next to the super cool playground was a regularly cool pool and hot tub. The Boy decided that he can swim and doesn’t have to be attached to his parents full time. It was strange and awesome. The kid’s growing up.

Appendix C:

The Beach! It was hot outside, but the water was the best I ever remember it. The temperature was perfect and it was clear (for the Atlantic). Also, we didn’t get attacked by a shark so bonus points.

Appendix D:

We spent a lot of down (and meltdown) time in the house. Already looking forward to our return.

Appendix E:

We did 3 puzzles! Yes I know, we are the most exciting people. Also I’m not sure the middle one counts considering it didn’t have that many pieces, but whatever it’s neat looking.

Appendix F:

Best night of the week every year.. crab night!

Appendix G:

Posed vacation photos, not for the faint of heart.

Appendix H:

Not to worry, we got a few half decent ones in spite of ourselves.

Appendix I:

The house art work bordered on creepy. I’ll bring some replacements next year.

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