The Living Jedlights

We have some catching up to do don’t we? Let’s get it getted.

I don’t want to keep you waiting in anticipation so I’ll cut straight to the exciting news. I mowed my lawn this weekend! Well, not the front. Just the back. To be fair though it took 3 days. And the humidity was just above 1000%. I’m worried I may have actually cooked my brain while I was outside yesterday. Mowing was may more work than it should have been. I still have piles of tree in the yard to move around, I still have a swamp, and the grass was so tall I really had to bag it. Anybody need clippings?

In shop news – the shop is still a mess. I am very slowly organizing, taking tiny bites as I go. I did put up 6 new fluorescent light fixtures and it makes a world of difference. I can very clearly see my mess now and am attracting more moths than ever!

Speaking of the shop, I recently built a new workbench using a door my dad gave me and plans from one of my favorite YouTubers. Simple and practical. I have one more door and the materials to make another so that will be put together soon.

Outside of the shop, I finally took The Boy fishing! He did really good, caught 3 little fish. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a photo of him with his catches since he spazzed every time he got one.

What’s an update without a tractor fix? I shredded the drive belt in the new Bob Vila deluxe so The Boy and I swapped that out.

My brand spankin new pickup truck recently got a bit of a workout hauling brush from the in-laws. Didn’t lose a leaf.

Finally, if you were wondering how long it’s been since we spoke.. here are some photos from our rainy 4th of July! We had snakes, sparklers, and underwhelming fountains. It was all more than enough for The Boy though which is what this one was really about.

Alright we’re all caught up. I need to get back to Jed project and rant mode. We’ll get there, don’t quit on me!


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